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18 June 2024

Dhaka’s rail communication resumes

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Published: 04:20, 8 December 2023

Dhaka’s rail communication resumes

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Dhaka’s rail communication with the rest of the country has been re-established after about seven hours following the derailment of a Titas commuter train near Tejgaon station in the capital on Thursday (8 December) evening.

Train services were restored at around 1am on Friday (8 December). Before that, the elevated expressway authorities removed the crane involved in the accident at 9.45pm on Thursday (Dec 7).

On December 7, at about 5 pm, a train compartment derailed after colliding with a crane operating on the elevated expressway project, cutting off Dhaka's rail link to the rest of the nation.

Trains in Tejgaon resumed operating on a single line once the crane was removed from the railway track.

Messenger/Sun Yath