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Banned Hizbut Tahrir planning for sabotage

Imran Ali

Published: 04:24, 8 December 2023

Banned Hizbut Tahrir planning for sabotage

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The banned militant organization Hizb ut Tahrir, which is limited to posters, is now planning sabotage. They are recruiting members, training and even holding online conferences to overthrow the government. This organization, which has been banned for a long time, is limited to posters, but is trying to break out of its shell and go on the offensive. Last September 30, one of the top leaders of the online conference, Tawhid alias Sifat, was arrested by DMP's Counter Terrorism. Officials got to know the current plan of the banned organization after the arrest from Cox's Bazar on Wednesday night.

CTTC Unit Of DMP Chief Additional Commissioner Asaduzzaman said, after a long time, we have managed to arrest one of the top leaders of this banned organization. This Sifat was one of the initiators of Hizbut Tahrir's online conference on September 30. From that conference speeches were given for the overthrow of the government. They are planning sabotage.

The Additional Police Commissioner said that during the initial interrogation, the accused Touhid said that he completed his MBA from the Marketing Department of Dhaka University and is currently freelancing. In 2011, he first came to know about the banned organization Hizbut Tahrir through two friends while studying at the university and joined it. In September 2011, he was arrested and jailed for four and a half months in a case of Hazaribagh police station on the charge of Hizbut Tahrir. After being released on bail, he resumed the activities of Hizbut Tahrir. In 2017, the organization started its activities more actively and occupied one of the top positions. They keep in touch with other members through special apps developed for the organization. As a result, most of the time they remain out of touch. He was arrested again in April 2019. After nine months in prison, he was released on bail and resumed further Hizb ut Tahrir organizational activities. In recent times, he is known to be directly involved in anti-government and anti-country postering, speeches in mosques after prayers, etc. Moreover, he plays the role of chief coordinator and keynote speaker in online conferences.

According to the investigation, the banned Hizb Tahrir has not been able to carry out any sabotage so far. But they are al Qaeda's ideals. JMB, New JMB, Ansar Al Islam, Harkatul Jihad Bangladesh, Hindal Sharikiya and other organizations participated in the sabotage. Ansar al-Islam has also carried out targeted killings. Hizb ut Tahrir has repeatedly posted posters and made seditious statements and even threats. However, they could not carry out any sabotage or failed in the face of resistance from the law-and-order forces.

It is known that sometimes posters of Hizb ut Tahrir are displayed in the capital. They even distributed leaflets in front of the mosque at different times. Their posters and leaflets used to call for Jihad. Before and after September 30, the organization carried out extensive online and offline campaigns. They also put up posters in different places of the capital.

It is known that most activities of Hizb ut Tahrir are currently conducted in Uttara, Azampur, Khilkhet, Airport areas of the capital. Hizbut Tahrir workers distribute leaflets in various mosques in these areas especially on Fridays after Jumu'a prayers. Sometimes they distribute these leaflets themselves and sometimes with hired people.

CTTC officials told The Daily Messenger that Hizbut Tahrir is feared to have gained strength within. Analyzing their speech at the online conference last September 30, it seems so.

They said that we have arrested some people while putting up posters in some places of the capital. But their cutout system is very powerful. No one knows one group from another. Then put-up posters in places outside the coverage of CCTV.

Meanwhile, RAB spokesman Commander Khandaker Al Moin said that all banned organizations are under the surveillance of the intelligence police. In that case Hizb ut Tahrir and JMB are also there.

He also said that the activities of these two organizations are under our supervision. Whenever they emerge, they are arrested.

Incidentally, from 2007 to 2009 until it was banned in Bangladesh, Hizbut Tahrir raised its head in various colleges and universities of the country. Later, on September 24, 2009, the Ministry of Home Affairs banned this organization due to various anti-government activities. The top leader of Hizbut Tahrir was arrested besides Dhaka University teacher Mohiuddin and several others. But even then, their activities did not stop. From spreading poster leaflets to open processions in different places of the country apart from the capital, they do it. Top level leaders implement their various plans through them.

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