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23 May 2024

Chaitra Sankranti today

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Published: 10:08, 13 April 2024

Chaitra Sankranti today

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The Bangalee nation will celebrate traditional Chaitra Sankranti festival on Saturday (13 April) marking the last day of the Bangla year.

Chaitra is the last month of Basanta (spring season) in Bangla calendar.

It is celebrated more in rural areas than in towns, where it has been being celebrated for hundreds of years. It is the day before Pahela Baishakh (the first day of Bangla calendar) and more popular than Pahela Baishakh in rural areas.

In recent years it has also been adopted into the urban lifestyle.

On Chaitra Sankranti, the Bangalees usually say goodbye to the outgoing Bangla year and welcome the Nababarsho (New Year) on Pahela Baishakh through different festivities.

In many places across the country including the capital, Chaitra Sankranti is celebrated through arranging fairs, pitha melas, musical events and other festivities.

"Charak puja" is one of the major events of the festival. In rural Bangladesh, "Charak puja" and "Gajon Mela" are performed during the day long celebration of Chaitra Sankranti.