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25 May 2024

Intense heat causes surge in snake bites

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Published: 21:55, 24 April 2024

Intense heat causes surge in snake bites

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The scorching heatwave not only leaves humans gasping for relief but also prompts a surge in snake bites, creating a pressing concern for both people and animals alike.

Volunteers report a notable increase in daily calls for snakebite treatment this year compared to the previous year, attributing the trend to the relentless heat.

According to Snake Rescue Team Bangladesh, a voluntary organisation dedicated to snake-related issues, the current intense heat poses a heightened risk of encountering snakes across the country. The organization urges caution during this period.

Md Zubaidur Rahman, vice president of the organisation, said that they have been tirelessly working for years to raise awareness about snake bites and undertake snake rescue operations.

The organisation has been inundated with calls from families of snakebite victims and requests to rescue snakes from various parts of the country. "This year, we're receiving four to five emergency calls daily, a significant increase from last year," Zubaidur said.

He emphasised that only those trained and certified under the Forest Department can engage in wildlife rescue operations.

Dr M Monirul H Khan, Professor in the Department of Zoology at Jahangirnagar University, explained that snakes, being cold-blooded creatures, are more active in summer and less so in winter.

"In Bangladesh, snakes remain active throughout the year, except for a few weeks in December-January," he added.

Research conducted in the US revealed that snakebite rates increase by six per cent with every 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit rise in temperature. "External temperature fluctuations directly impact the body temperature and behaviour of snakes," the study noted.