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15 June 2024

Passengers disembarking from moving trains raises safety concerns

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Published: 20:49, 22 May 2024

Passengers disembarking from moving trains raises safety concerns

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A persistent safety issue at Dhaka's Khilgaon Railgate area involves passengers disembarking from moving trains before reaching Kamalapur Station, resulting in numerous accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Despite the clear risks, passengers continue to jump off moving trains. On Wednesday (22 May), the Silk City Express from Rajshahi to Dhaka saw elderly individuals, women, and children risking their lives as the train slowed near Khilgaon Railgate.

One passenger, traveling with his family, cited saving time as the reason for their dangerous act, stating their home was nearby. Similarly, Mohiuddin, a rickshaw puller, sustained minor injuries after jumping off the Ekota Express due to lacking a ticket.

Such incidents are common, with many passengers attempting to save time or avoid ticket checks. This issue gained further attention when Prof. Dr. Anu Muhammad lost several fingers in a similar incident on April 21, sparking national discussions.

Fatalities have also occurred. On March 14, Monirul Islam, 45, died after jumping off a moving train in the area. An elderly person suffered a similar fate on November 24 last year. Witnesses, like tea vendor Rehena Aktar, report frequent accidents and severe injuries among those disembarking from moving trains.

Chief Planning Officer of Bangladesh Railway, M Salimullah Bahar, mentioned that train speed is reduced at Khilgaon due to track limitations, facilitating these risky disembarkations. However, he assured that the completion of a proposed multimodal transport hub at Kamalapur will eliminate the need for speed reductions, potentially reducing these incidents.

Veteran journalist Syed Ishtiaque Reza criticized railway authorities for not curbing the issue of ticketless passengers and suggested mid-route stops and increased passenger awareness to enhance safety.