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18 July 2024

DNCC starts removing waste of slaughtered animals

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Published: 18:59, 17 June 2024

DNCC starts removing waste of slaughtered animals

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Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Md Atiqul Islam  on the day of the holy Eid-ul-Azha Monday inaugurated the removal programme of the sacrificial animals’ waste.

The mayor launched the programme at Mirpur Section-2’s Block-H under the DNCC’s ward No- 7 in the afternoon.

Talking to journalists at the event the mayor said, "We have designated a specific location in Ward No-3 and four locations in Ward 7 for sacrificial initiatives. Centralizing the sacrificial process at designated places makes the cleanup operation much easier. In Ward 7, 1200 sacrificial animals have been slaughtered at the four designated spots. We will increase the number of designated spots in wards where a larger number of sacrificial animals are expected."

He said that within the stipulated 6-hour cleanup period till 8pm tonight, over 10, 000 conservancy workers of DNCC are actively engaged to remove the waste. All councillors and staff of DNCC are on the field and even he will personally monitor ward-to-ward operations.

Urging city dwellers to cooperate with DNCC workers,  Mayor Atiq advised the residents to call hotline number 16106 for any information related to sacrificial animal disposal. Coordination will be managed from the control room."

Regarding public health concerns he said ingoing very hot and rainy weather offers ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. Everyone should remain vigilant. Before leaving for Eid prayer or returning home, ensure that rooftops, balconies, and bathrooms are cleaned to prevent water accumulation where mosquito larvae can breed.

From Ward No. 7, the mayor started his physical inspection of sacrificial animal disposal operations across various wards.