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14 July 2024

let Russell’s viper alone by dint of ecology: PM

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Published: 19:39, 25 June 2024

let Russell’s viper alone by dint of ecology: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday (24 June) said any animal or snake never hit a human first unless it gets scared of being attacked.

“Any animal or snake never attacks any human unnecessarily. They never harm the humans unless they are frightened or are scared of being attacked,” she said.

The premier said this, replying to a question at a press conference arranged in her official residence Ganabhaban over the outcome of her recent visit to India.

Senior journalist Shykh Seraj in his question said Russell's Viper has spread in the country and a panic has been created on social media. She asked if the government would take any steps to raise awareness in this regard.

In response, the prime minister said creatures and animals are important to maintain the ecological balance.

She suggested people move cautiously amid the spread of Russel's Viper in the country.

“If you fear, you need to be scared of men, not animals or snakes,” said Hasina.

Currently, a series of stories regarding Russel's Viper are getting viral on social media as the snake has reportedly spread alarmingly in the country. Some public representatives even announced a bounty for killing the reptile