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14 July 2024

BGB seizes smuggled goods worth Tk 172.95 cr in June

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Published: 18:12, 10 July 2024

BGB seizes smuggled goods worth Tk 172.95 cr in June

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Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized arms, ammunition, drugs and other contraband items worth Tk 172.95 crore during anti-smuggling drives across the country, especially in bordering areas in the month of June.

During this period, the paramilitary force seized 3.891 kgs of gold, 16.20 kgs of silver, 1,68,030 cosmetics, 3,501 pieces of Imitation jewelry, 17,518 sarees, 12,444 three-piece/shirt-piece/bed-sheet/blankets, 1,222 cft timber, 3,397kgs of tea leaves, 10,600 kgs of coal, 120 cubic feet stones, three touchstone statues, eleven trucks, eight pick-up vans, six private and microbuses, one covered van, one bus, three tractors, 31 CNG/human haulers, 43 motorbikes and 32 bi-cycles, said a BGB media release signed by its Public Relations Officer Md Shariful Islam on Wednesday (10 June).

Seized arms include three pistols, one gun, two magazines and 13 rounds of bullets.

Other smuggled items include 7,76,476 Yaba pills, 8.977 Kg crystal meth, 14.889 kgs of heroin,  12,532 bottles of phensedyl, 12.885 kgs of cocaine,  20,057 bottles of foreign liquor, 831 cans of beer, 1,124 kg cannabis, 51,639 injections, 1,763 Eskuf syrups, 4000 Enegra/Senegra tablets, 385 bottles of MkDil/Cofidil,10,48,519 different types of medicines, seven bottles of LSD and 1,59,260 other tablets, the release added.

Meanwhile, legal action has been taken against 134 smugglers, 156 Bangladeshi nationals, four Indians and 306 Myanmar nationals for illegally crossing the border during the period, said Shariful Islam.