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14 July 2024

Today’s Bangla Blockade ends, tomorrow from 3:30pm

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Published: 20:30, 10 July 2024

Update: 21:11, 10 July 2024

Today’s Bangla Blockade ends, tomorrow from 3:30pm

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Students protesting against the quota system in government jobs will continue their "Bangla Blockade" programme tomorrow (11 June) from 3:30 pm, Asif Mahmud, one of the coordinators of the protest, said on Wednesday (10 July) after announcing the end of the programme for the day.

Mahmud made the announcement at a press briefing at the Shahbagh intersection of the capital at around 7:30 pm.

Vehicular and train movement came to a standstill today across the country, causing suffering for the mass people due to the ongoing blockade programme announced by the students in protest of the reinstatement of the quota system in government jobs.

Students block key areas of Dhaka, including Farmgate, Banglamotor, Shahbagh, Science Lab, Jigatola, Paltan, the Press Club and rail crossings of Karwan Bazar and Mohakhali.

Besides, Jahangirnagar University students blocked the Dhaka-Aricha Highway around 10:30am.

Earlier in the day, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court ordered a month-long status quo on the High Court's judgment to reinstate the freedom fighter quota system for first and second-class government jobs.

Students of Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University however, announced they will continue the "Bangla Blockade" movement despite the Appellate Division's order.

Since 2 July, university students have been holding sit-ins, organising marches and blocking roads and highways, demanding the reinstatement of the 2018 quota cancellation circular.

The 2018 rounds of quota reform protests were called off when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the abolition of the system in April of the same year. 

Although protestors had sought reformation, the PM said, "If we go for reforms [of the quota system], another group will come up after a few days and say 'we want further reforms'. This issue will keep coming if the quota system remains. But if it ceases to exist, there will be no problem. So, there's no need for having a quota system."

The High Court on 5 June ordered the government to retain the 30% freedom fighter quota in government jobs. 

It also declared illegal the circular issued on 4 October 2018 cancelling the quota system.

Soon after the order, students announced their non-stop movement.

The quota system was introduced through an executive order in 1972 and was amended several times.