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Grameenphone’s Club Lumière to kick off new talk show

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Published: 15:33, 4 December 2023

Grameenphone’s Club Lumière to kick off new talk show

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What does a Lumière do – instill hope and evoke a sense of triumph. Inspired by this very truth, Club Lumière, Grameenphone’s experience-elevating initiative, has dropped the first episode of its freshly minted show ‘Lumière’ on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube on ‍Monday (4 December). Prominent personality and a corporate luminary, Rubaba Dowla, has landed as the first guest to illuminate the show with her vivacious presence.

Grameenphone launched Club Lumière last year in an endeavor to add bells and whistles to the experiences of its loyal customers. Lumière, an exclusive experience from Grameenphone, embodies the brand’s promise of crafting exquisite experiences. With an unwavering commitment to quality service and innovation, Lumiere seeks to create enduring moments that leave a lasting impression. Now, it is bringing candid conversations with the Lumières who have been with Grameenphone through its remarkable trajectory, shining a spotlight on the luminaries of the society who keep inspiring us. It aims to provide exceptional memories that resonate with their innermost aspirations. Club Lumiere inspires viewers to embrace their unique paths to success by showcasing luminaries who epitomize excellence.

This unique and industry-first initiative from a telco brand is a testament to Grameenphone’s ceaseless efforts to establish a meaningful connection with people who radiate a light of hope and triumph, empowering the youth with stories of resilience and persistence. They not only contribute to putting Bangladesh and its narratives on the global map but also serve as beacons of inspiration for others. Each Lumière featured in the series has made a tremendous contribution in their respective fields, and their stories will undoubtedly captivate and motivate audiences. The talk show goes beyond career success, delving into the personal lives of our esteemed guests. While professional achievements are undoubtedly important, this series aims to showcase the human side of these exceptional individuals. By highlighting the innate qualities and values that have contributed to their success, Club Lumiere aims to inspire viewers to become the best versions of themselves.

Club Lumière understands the importance of unforgettable memories and knows that the time is now to execute meaningful actions. Talking about the inspirational stories of life and achievements, Mohammad Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer, Grameenphone said, Grameenphone has always believed in the possibility of people as humans. Innate human abilities make them the light of inspiration. Club Lumiere intends to highlight and engage with people who themselves have become the light and hope of triumph. In this series, we explore them from an unseen lens, discover their light, and share these exquisite moments with the audience.

With the hopes of gathering people who bring their definition of who they were, Club Lumière is all about creating the perfect encounter of delights with a shining constellation— An opportunity to curate stunning experiences for the Lumières. This time, Club Lumière introduces a conversation with some of the most renowned industry experts and Lumières, like Bibi Russell, Rubaba Dowla, and Kawsar Ahmed, where they will speak about their inspirational life stories and achievements to empower their followers and admirers. The conversations will be deep and personal, shedding new light onto some of their unseen characters to the audience.


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