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Padma Bank Launches ‘Bijoy-71’ FDR

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Published: 13:10, 7 December 2023

Padma Bank Launches ‘Bijoy-71’ FDR

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Padma Bank has unveiled its new product titled Bijoy 71. In an effort to celebrate Victory Day with its clients, Padma Bank has offered its clients the opportunity to open a fixed deposit plan at a lucrative nine percent (9.00%) interest rate in just seventy-one (71) days. Recently, the product was formally inaugurated at the Head Office in Gulshan.

In just 71 days, customers will receive a year's worth of profit rate. At this time, no other banks or financial organizations are providing such an offer. Mir Shafiqul Islam, Head of Retail Banking Division, noted this as another success and stated that victory calls for celebration. Even a few days ago, no consumer could have considered a fixed deposit with an incredible rate in such a short period of time. It is now a reality that Padma Bank customers are highly satisfied with such product offerings. Shafiqul Islam declared that he will be providing clients with more enticing products in the future.

Besides, Padma Bank recently introduced a new monthly savings scheme. The starting amount is from five hundred and its multiples to twenty-five thousand for a period of 3, 5, 8, and 10 years. Under this special offer, the customer will receive 11% to 14% interest rate.


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