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19 April 2024

Tusnuva Ahmed Tina now honored as among Global Woman Leaders

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Published: 16:18, 2 April 2024

Tusnuva Ahmed Tina now honored as among Global Woman Leaders

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Tusnuva Ahmed Tina, the Managing Partner of Asiatic Mindshare Ltd. and Asia’s Woman Leader of 2023, is now recognized as one of the ‘Global Woman Leaders’ by the distinguished World Women Leadership Congress & Awards. This prestigious title was conferred upon her at the 11th edition of the event, held at the renowned Taj Lands End in Mumbai, India, on February 17th.

Drawing from the groundwork set by the recognition as ‘Asia's Woman Leader,’ Tina continues to exemplify excellence in leadership, innovation, and empowerment. Her strong commitment to driving positive change within and beyond the industry has earned her the admiration and respect of colleagues, clients and industry peers.

The World Women Leadership Congress & Awards honors the strategic and influential role of women leaders in the development of the modern economy, technology and administrative methodologies that promote the advancement of government and business organizations according to the standards of global competitiveness. The WWLC hosts its annual Women Leadership Awards to identify and celebrate the outstanding leadership and achievements demonstrated by women leaders, reflecting distinct innovations and initiatives in various private and public sectors. This year, they once again celebrated the trailblazing woman leader in Tusnuva Ahmed Tina. Besides her professional impact well exceeding the walls of Asiatic Mindshare Ltd., her advocacy for women's empowerment and leadership development has contributed in paving the way for future generations of female leaders to thrive and succeed.

While Asiatic Mindshare Ltd. continues to champion diversity, inclusion and innovation under Tusnuva Ahmed Tina as one of its leaders, the company also looks forward to furthering their mission of empowering women as well as driving positive changes in the media landscape.