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20 April 2024

NRBC Bank provides financial assistance to 11,000 people

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Published: 20:44, 2 April 2024

NRBC Bank provides financial assistance to 11,000 people

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NRBC Bank celebrated its 11th anniversary with the theme "Shopno Bashotobayone Apnar Duyare" emphasizing the significance of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. The sanctity of the month of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr are centered on protecting and cherishing.

On this special day, to enhance the joy of iftar and Eid celebrations, 11,000 orphans, disabled, needy, and destitute individuals across the country are provided with 1000 taka each. Furthermore, iftar mahfil and prayer sessions were conducted at the bank's head office. The Chairman, Parvez Tamal, Vice Chairman Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, Chairman of Executive Committee Mohammed Adnan Imam FCCA, Chairman of Risk Management Committee AKM Mostafizur Rahman, Director Mohammed Oliur Rahman, Loquit Ullah, Mohammed Nazim, AM Saidur Rahman, Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee Air Chief Marshal Abu Esrar (Retd.), Independent Director Dr. Khan Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Dr. Raad Mozib Lalon and   Managing Director & CEO Golam Awlia, and other senior executives of NRBC Bank participated in these initiatives.

Established on April 2, 2013, NRBC Bank was founded by the efforts of 53 expatriate entrepreneurs. The bank has now completed its 11th year. It has consistently achieved new milestones in various economic indicators. The bank is advancing through initiatives aimed at the welfare of rural communities. Through branch and sub branch expansion up to the union level, small and micro credit loans are being provided to local residents without collateral. Already, 80,000 people have benefited from NRBC Bank's loans as entrepreneurs. These welfare-oriented initiatives have placed NRBC Bank at the forefront compared to contemporary banks. Among the 4th generation of banks, NRBC Bank has earned the highest profits. It leads in both branch and sub-branch expansion among new generation banks, often surpassing previous generation banks significantly. The financial foundations have become much stronger in this new trajectory. In 2017, deposits amounted to Tk 4,523 billion, which has almost quadrupled to Tk 17,613 billion by the end of 2023. Similarly, loan disbursement has increased by more than three times, from Tk 4,300 billion in 2017 to Tk 14,508 billion by the end of 2023. The number of bank employees surged from 617 to 3,832, while the number of branches, including sub-branches, escalated from 61 to almost 800 by the end of 2023,.

Chairman Parvez Tamal remarked, "We have surpassed 11 years and are entering our 12th year of operation. Our constant concern has been to provide the best and safest banking services. Leveraging our previous experience, we aim to be at the forefront in cleanliness and accountability in the future."

Vice Chairman Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo stated, “From our experience as expatriates, we aimed to work for the welfare of the common people of the country. The establishment of the bank was for this purpose. Promoting economic development and creating employment opportunities in remote areas have also been our responsibilities. We are striving to ensure employment opportunities even for those in rural areas who might not migrate to cities."

Managing Director & CEO Golam Awlia emphasized, "NRBC Bank is the bank of the people of rural Bangladesh. Wherever there is the possibility of more people getting employed, we are investing there. Banking services are reaching people's doorsteps. Moreover, we are focusing on fintech to provide real-time banking services. Ordinary people are getting small loans very quickly. From there, we are moving towards nano-credit. Our main goal is to arrange employment for one million people every year."