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29 May 2024

Eid holiday escapades at Fantasy Kingdom and Foy’s Lake Concord

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Published: 17:01, 8 April 2024

Eid holiday escapades at Fantasy Kingdom and Foy’s Lake Concord

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For the people of Bangladesh, Eid always holds a separate place for the eve of merriments and the long vacation we get to enjoy. Keeping this in mind Concord Group presented the two pioneering amusement parks in Bangladesh, Fantasy Kingdom Complex in Dhaka and Foy's Lake Concord in Chattogram where people can explore and enjoy to their fullest. These theme parks offer thrilling adventure rides, mesmerizing environments, top-notch rides, and water rides with special attractions to make Eid celebrations more enjoyable and exciting.

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the first amusement theme park in Bangladesh that offers international standard rides making it a perfect destination for both children and adults. It is the epitome of wonder and adventure that invites all seekers of magic and excitement to indulge in a realm where fantasies come to life. Located in Ashulia, Savar, Fantasy Kingdom presents an extensive collection of amazing rides making it a must visit destination for the people of Dhaka during Eid vacation. Visitors can embark on a journey of whimsy and thrill as they explore their captivating array of rides.

For those with a need for speed, Xtreme Racing Go-Kart awaits. Strap in and prepare to unleash your inner racer as you navigate hairpin turns and straightaways on our state-of-the-art racing tracks. Whether one is a seasoned pro or a novice driver, Xtreme Racing offers heart-pounding excitement for all. Escape the summer heat and dive into a world of aquatic bliss at Water Kingdom Water Park. With its cascading wave pool, lazy river, and exhilarating slides, this aquatic paradise offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the added benefits of the personal locker and male-female separate changing room, it is a perfect place for our cultural people. Right beside Water Kingdom, there is a three-star resort catering to all the relaxation needs of the visitors. After having a day full of thrill and adventure, one can easily rewind in the calm and serene atmosphere of Resort Atlantis. 

As the joyous occasion of Eid dawns upon, Foy's Lake Concord emerges as the quintessential destination to infuse Eid celebrations with boundless excitement and merriment. Surrounded by the vast Foy's Lake at Chattogram, Foy's Lake Concord stands as a beacon of joy, inviting families, friends, and loved ones to gather and revel in the spirit of Eid. Foy's Lake Concord is a perfect amalgamation of nature and adventure rides not only for the people of Chattogram but the whole country. With a grand lake, hills, and lush greenery the park offers adventure rides for both the adults and kids. As Eid approaches, Foy's Lake Concord transforms into a vibrant tapestry of color and celebration, with special events and festivities to mark the occasion. From concerts and live performances to magic and acrobat shows to DJ performances and raffle draws, every moment is infused with the joyous spirit of Eid.

The two prominent amusement parks of Bangladesh, Fantasy Kingdom Complex and Foy's Lake Concord stand as the ultimate destination for families and adventurers alike for any celebrations with friends and family. Whether one seeks thrill, relaxation, or simply a moment of wonder, these parks offer something for everyone. This is an invitation to all to join in the celebration of the magic of Eid and embark on a journey into the realms of fantasy and adventure.