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25 May 2024

Bajus decreases gold price by Tk2,099 per bhori

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Published: 18:48, 24 April 2024

Bajus decreases gold price by Tk2,099 per bhori

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The Bangladesh Jeweller's Association (Bajus) on Wednesday (24 April) decreased gold price by Tk2,099 per bhori, followed by a price drop in the local bullion market, fixing good quality 22-carat gold price at Tk1,14,190 per bhori.

The apex body of gold traders changed the gold price for 7th time in April so far.

According to Bajus, the new rate is effective from 4:50 pm.

Masudur Rahman, chairman of the Price Determination and Price Monitoring Standing Committee of Bajus issued a notification of the price cut.

As per the new price, per bhori (11.664 grams) of 22-carat gold will cost Tk1,14,190 per bhori as Tk9,790 per gram.

Apart from this, the price of 21-carat gold has been set at Tk1,09,000 per bhori, 18-carat gold at Tk93,428 per bhori, and the traditional method price set at Tk75,209.

Though the price of gold has decreased, the price of silver has been kept unchanged. According to the category, currently, the price of 22-carat silver is Tk2,100, 21-carat is Tk2,006, 18-carat is Tk1,715 and the price of traditional silver in traditional is Tk1,283.