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21 July 2024

PriyoShop among the top 10 startups in the ‘Echelon X’ program

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Published: 10:49, 23 May 2024

Update: 10:50, 23 May 2024

PriyoShop among the top 10 startups in the ‘Echelon X’ program

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PriyoShop has achieved remarkable glory as the one and only startup from Bangladesh by breaking into the Top 10 echelon of startups at Echelon X organized by e27, a prestigious gathering for entrepreneurs around the world. This accomplishment places PriyoShop among the most promising startups hailing from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India and Bangladesh, a testament to the company's innovation and potential.

The journey to the Top 10 wasn't easy. PriyoShop battled through a competitive landscape, initially ranking among 700+ startups. To reach their goals, they focused on performance, starting at the highest level of the Top 100, then the Top 26 and finally in the Top 10.

This recognition transcends PriyoShop's individual success. It signifies a significant milestone for Bangladesh as a whole. PriyoShop stands as the sole representative of the nation on this international stage, a beacon of Bangladeshi innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Asikul Alam Khan, Founder and CEO of PriyoShop, expressed his pride and gratitude upon receiving this recognition. "With this achievement PriyoShop takes Bangladesh to the international level. This achievement belongs not just to PriyoShop, but to the entire Bangladeshi startup ecosystem", Khan remarked. He added, "It demonstrates the immense potential that exists within our country, and it inspires us to keep pushing boundaries and making Bangladesh a hub for groundbreaking ideas."

PriyoShop, the fastest growing on-demand B2B marketplace in Bangladesh, empowers retailers by connecting them directly to suppliers to fix the fragmented supply chain with embedded finance. The journey of PriyoShop of becoming one of the top ten frontrunners will always remain an example of the importance of persistence and constant striving for the best. Their success story indeed is the inspiring one for those budding entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, and the whole world at large, making them learn that pooling innovation and diligence can fetch them recognition on the world stage.