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14 July 2024

OnePlus green line issue trapped in conditions

Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Published: 08:51, 10 July 2024

OnePlus green line issue trapped in conditions

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OnePlus smartphone users in Bangladesh continue to face unending disappointment due to persistent green line display issues, despite the brand's promises of resolution.

The Chinese brand officially entered the Bangladeshi market a month ago, promising free repairs for the vertical line (green line) problem on smartphones. 

This announcement brought relief to millions of customers. However, visiting the service centre leaves customers disappointed. 

Reports from various mobile phone user groups and service centres indicate that 90% of OnePlus phones in Bangladesh have the green line issue. 

Most of these phones are Indian and Chinese versions. There are hardly any global versions of OnePlus phones available in the country.

Shariful Islam, a user, expressed his frustration by saying that the company is trying to fool customers by creating a maze of conditions so that most users cannot avail of the service. 

Another user, Imon Rahman, said, “Since OnePlus was not officially available in Bangladesh before, I was forced to buy an unofficial but global version. Two months after purchase, the green line issue appeared. I couldn't find a solution anywhere. However, when OnePlus launched in Bangladesh and committed to resolving the problem, I contacted the service center with great hope.” 

“When I took the phone there, the service centre informed me that it was a global version but from a region they couldn't service. They never mentioned this before. If they had, I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of bringing the phone there.”

Tushar, a resident of Dhanmondi, Dhaka, said, "I was a fan of OnePlus myself and even recommended it to my friends. However, I am so disappointed with the green line issue that I won't tell anyone to buy OnePlus again." 

When asked the reason for his frustration, Mizan told The Daily Messenger, “The service centre only provides service for the global version, and even then, it has to be from a specific region. It’s like conditions within conditions.”

IT analysts say that despite the announcement of solving the problem, OnePlus did not keep its promise, proving that the company never intended to resolve the green line issue. They only wanted to use it for marketing. 

Customers had a negative reaction to the vertical line (green line) problem on smartphones, which led the company to resort to such deceit.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, president of the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumers Association, said that instead of solving the problem, OnePlus has spread a gimmick. 

“They deceived customers with false promises on the launch day in Bangladesh”, he added.

He demanded legal action against the company for harassing customers and said that such fraudulent companies should be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, Md Rubait Ferdous Chowdhury, director of After Sales Service at OnePlus Bangladesh, had previously announced that OnePlus would ensure post-sales service through 22 service centres and 13 service points across the country. 

He also mentioned solving the green line issue. However, OnePlus did not keep its promise, leading to complaints about the company trapping customers in a maze of conditions.

When asked about this, OnePlus Bangladesh's PR and Communication Manager, Tabassum Rubaiya Aziz, reiterated the hopeful message from the previous announcement. 

She said, “We are working on the issue. We have already discussed it with headquarters. We will soon bring a solution that brings ‘happiness’ to all users.” 

When asked when this happiness would be delivered to the customers, she could not provide a satisfactory answer.