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14 July 2024

DSE turnover exceeds Tk 1,000cr

Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Published: 09:01, 10 July 2024

DSE turnover exceeds Tk 1,000cr

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After a slight price correction for one working day, the country's stock market has seen an upward trend again. On the third working day of the week, on Tuesday, in the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the number of companies whose share and unit prices fell, rose twice as much. As a result, all the indices have increased. Also, after two months, more than Tk 1000 crores have been traded in DSE.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), another stock market, has listed the shares and units of most of the companies in the price increase list. As a result, all price indices have increased in this market as well. However, the volume of transactions has decreased.

At the end of the day's trading, shares and units of 237 companies entered the list of price increase in DSE. On the contrary, the price of 111 companies decreased. And the price of 45 remains unchanged.

In this, DSE's key index DSEX rose by 30 points to 5,594 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE Shariah Index increased by 8 points to 1,223 points and the DSE-30 index comprising 30 well-chosen companies rose by 4 points to 1,964 points compared to the previous day.

Meanwhile, Tk 1,019.08 crore was traded in the DSE throughout the day. Tk 888.57 crore was traded on the previous working day. As a result, the transaction increased by Tk 130.51 crore. Through this, after May 7 of this year, more than thousand crores of taka were transacted in DSE.

Shares of Sea Pearl Beach Resort contributed the most in this transaction. Tk 53.58 crore of the company were traded. Shares of Capitec Grameen Bank Growth Fund in the second position were traded worth Tk 45.47 crore. Beach Hatchery is at the third position with a share transaction of Tk 26.19 crore.

Besides, the list of top ten companies in terms of transactions on DSE includes - Salvo Chemical, Lovello Ice Cream, Asiatic Laboratories, Orion Pharma, Fareast Knitting, Alif Industries and Central Insurance.

The other stock market CSE’s overall price index CASPI increased by 94 points. 173 of the 281 firms that participated in the market rose in price. On the contrary, the prices of 77 decreased and 31 remained unchanged where Tk 11.02 crores were traded.