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29 May 2024

Diarrhea cases surge amidst saline shortage

Hospital overwhelmed, patients treated on floors

Anaeat Khan, B’baria

Published: 03:41, 27 November 2023

Diarrhea cases surge amidst saline shortage

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Brahmanbaria is grappling with a surge in the incidence of diarrhea, particularly affecting children, as the hospital faces a shortage of cholera saline and beds. 

The dire situation has compelled medical facilities, such as Brahmanbaria General Hospital, to treat patients, including children, on the floor due to the overwhelming number of admissions.

Reports indicate that 30-40 patients are being admitted daily, with a significant portion being children. Distressed relatives of patients have expressed their frustration over the lack of adequate medical resources. Hospital authorities confirm that the treatment process is severely hampered due to the shortage of beds and cholera saline supplies.

A visit to Brahmanbaria General Hospital, equipped with 250 beds, reveals a distressing scene – 96 patients are currently admitted, and the scarcity of beds forces both patients and their relatives to lie on the floor with makeshift arrangements. Doctors are tirelessly providing care under challenging circumstances.

Parents, such as the mother of Abdullah, recount the upsetting experience of seeking treatment for their children on the hospital floor during winter. The shortage of beds and cholera saline worsens the suffering, with families resorting to using blankets for comfort. Another parent, Manik Mia, shares the struggles of his son and wife lying on the floor due to the unavailability of beds.

Hospital sources disclose that, despite having 20 beds reserved for children in the diarrhea ward, this year's overwhelming influx has surpassed the capacity, leaving patients with no choice but to receive treatment on the floor.

Dr. Faizur Rahman Faiz, the resident medical officer at the hospital, acknowledges the escalating crisis, emphasizing that this winter has seen a higher number of diarrhea cases, especially among children aged 6 months to one year. He assures that efforts are being made to secure cholera saline for patients in the coming days.

Dr. Muhammad Ekram Ullah, the civil surgeon of Brahmanbaria, sheds light on the annual increase in diarrhea and pneumonia cases during winter. While the hospital has sufficient supplies of food, saline, and medicines, the focus remains on addressing the heightened vulnerability of children to diarrhea this season.

As the health crisis deepens, the community and authorities are urged to take swift and comprehensive measures to alleviate the suffering of patients and ensure the availability of essential medical resources.