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Bumper Aman yield makes Faridpur farmers happy

Nazim Bakaul, Faridpur

Published: 02:56, 7 December 2023

Bumper Aman yield makes Faridpur farmers happy

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Saltha in Faridpur witnesses an unprecedented surge in Aman rice production this year, resulting in smiles on the faces of local farmers. The hardworking farmers, toiling from dawn to dusk, are reaping the rewards of a bumper crop, as they engage in the meticulous process of harvesting and cleaning the rice at home.

A staggering 12,292 hectares of land across eight unions in the upazila have been dedicated to Aman paddy cultivation this season. The region boasts the cultivation of Ufshi Aman and hybrid rice varieties, both contributing significantly to the overall success of this year's harvest. Favorable weather conditions throughout the rice cultivation period have played a pivotal role in surpassing the yields of previous years.

Tulu Molya, a local farmer, expressed gratitude, stating that rice seeds were sown using jute in some fields, and after jute cutting, rice seedlings were planted in other lands. With the rice harvesting nearing completion, Molya joyfully noted the excellent yield, emphasizing its importance as a staple for the average farmer's annual sustenance. Additionally, some farmers anticipate surplus yields, providing an opportunity for selling and financial gain.

Mosharof Hossain, another farmer, echoed the sentiments of prosperity, highlighting the exceptional yield surpassing previous years. Those utilizing bundhans are reporting yields of 20 maunds per bigha, while lands planted with rice seedlings are boasting an impressive 30 maunds per bigha. Hossain anticipates a surge in paddy cultivation in the future, especially if the market prices rise, ensuring enhanced benefits for farmers.

Sudarshan Shikder, the Agriculture Officer of Saltha Upazila in Faridpur, acknowledged the successful collaboration with farmers, providing them with guidance since the inception of paddy cultivation. Shikder reported that the Ufshi Amon variety is yielding 4.5 tons per hectare, while hybrid rice varieties are producing an impressive 6.5 tons per hectare. With all paddy harvesting set to conclude within the next week, the region anticipates a prosperous and fulfilling season for its dedicated farming community.