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Ctg Railway Station falls prey to encroachment menace

Mazharul Islam Rana, Chattogram 

Published: 09:36, 8 December 2023

Ctg Railway Station falls prey to encroachment menace

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The SRV railway station, situated in the Banglabazar area of the eastern railway, has reportedly fallen into the hands of encroachers, casting a shadow over its operational integrity.

The SRV station, linked to the Halishahar CGPY yard through the Chattogram station to Madarbari mouth railway line, once facilitated the smooth movement of port goods and freight cars. However, the station has now become a hotbed for illegal encroachments, despite several unsuccessful attempts to reclaim the space.

The responsibility for the station's security lies with the station master, but it appears that the station has become unguarded under their watchful eye. On the ground, the platform meant for trains is now occupied by rows of trucks, giving the station the appearance of a commercial area rather than a vital railway hub.

Upon entering through the main gate, visitors are met with a disheartening sight of numerous illegal shops, makeshift kiosks, and even a heap of burnt oil within the station's boundaries. The local community is dismayed by the transformation of the railway-reserved area into what seems to be a bustling trade center.

Locals allege that transactions involving crores of money occur monthly around the SRV station, with the Railway Security Force members, station master, and land-property department staff allegedly overseeing these illicit activities. Astonishingly, despite the illegal occupation of railway land worth hundreds of crores of rupees, the railway security forces remain silent for reasons yet unknown.

In response to the unfolding situation, Mohammad Saiful Islam, Divisional Manager of Eastern Railway, expressed surprise, stating, "I was also not aware of the matter. However, measures will be taken after inspection and investigation." 

As the SRV railway station succumbs to the encroachment menace, it calls for swift and decisive action from authorities. The community, once dependent on this crucial transportation hub, is now left in dismay. The transformation of the station into an unrecognizable commercial space not only jeopardizes railway operations but also poses a threat to the safety and security of the area. 

The Divisional Manager's commitment to investigation is a glimmer of hope, but the urgency of the matter demands immediate steps to reclaim the SRV station and restore it to its rightful purpose. The fate of this railway station serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard vital infrastructure from illicit encroachment.


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