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12th Parliament elections

Jashore MPs see rise in income, assets in 5yrs 

Jamal Hussain, Benapole

Published: 09:42, 8 December 2023

Jashore MPs see rise in income, assets in 5yrs 

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Over the past five years, the financial status of Members of Parliament (MPs) in Jashore has shown notable changes, with increases in both income and assets. Scrutiny of affidavits filed during the 12th and 11th National Parliament elections reveals this trend.

In Jashore-1 (Sharsha) Constituency, MP Sheikh Afil Uddin has witnessed a significant rise in income, now totaling Tk 7 crore 66 lakh 25 thousand 948, compared to Tk 36 lakh 14 thousand 434 five years ago. Additionally, his immovable assets have surged to Tk 24 crores 41 lakhs 61 thousand 185, marking an increase of Tk 22 crores 61 lakhs 82 thousand 828 over the past five years.

Jashore-3 (Sadar) Constituency MP Kazi Nabil Ahmed, on the other hand, has experienced a decrease in immovable property value, which now stands at Tk 1 crore 99 lakh 76 thousand 336 compared to Tk 7 crore 12 lakh 49 thousand 9 five years ago. However, his income has seen a substantial boost, reaching Tk 14 crore 34 lakh 59 thousand 85 from Tk 1 crore 26 lakh 20 thousand 429. Movable assets have also increased, now totaling Tk 32 crores 13 lakhs 40 thousand 410.

In Jashore-4 (Bagharpara-Abhaynagar) Constituency, MP Ranjit Roy's income has decreased from Tk 38 lakh 16 thousand 795 to Tk 26 lakh 55 thousand 760. Despite this, his immovable property value has risen from Tk 1 crore 3 lakh 60 thousand to Tk 4 crore 75 lakh 7 thousand over the same period.

Meanwhile, Jashore-5 (Manirampur) Constituency MP Swapan Bhattacharya has seen an increase in income, now at Tk 33 lakh 78 thousand 81 compared to Tk 15 lakhs five years ago. However, his immovable assets have decreased from Tk 54 lakh 46 thousand to Tk 45 lakh 96 thousand.

In Jashore-6 (Keshabpur) Constituency, MP Shaheen Chakladar's income has decreased marginally by Tk 2 lakh 112 over the past five years, now totaling Tk 2 crore 28 lakh 51 thousand 878. Nevertheless, his movable assets have witnessed a substantial increase from Tk 1 crore 20 lakh 35 thousand 687 to Tk 3 crore 41 lakh 96 thousand 437.

In conclusion, the analysis of affidavits from the 11th and 12th National Parliament elections highlights the varying financial trajectories of MPs in Jashore. While some have experienced considerable increases in both income and assets, others have seen fluctuations, showcasing the dynamic nature of their financial profiles over the past five years.


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