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Successful capsicum cultivation makes Sreemangal farmers happy

Ataur Rahman Kajal, Sreemangal

Published: 02:38, 9 December 2023

Update: 02:39, 9 December 2023

Successful capsicum cultivation makes Sreemangal farmers happy

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Capsicum cultivation has thrived in Sreemangal, a tea hub of Bangladesh, bringing joy to local farmers. For the first time, farmers in this area have achieved success in capsicum cultivation. The local agriculture department is now on a mission to promote capsicum cultivation throughout the entire upazila, amplifying enthusiasm among farmers who are encouraged by the promising market prices.

Masukur Rahman, the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer overseeing Sreemangal's Agriculture Department, revealed that the triumph in Khalilpur village was achieved through a demonstration plot established under the 'Spice Improvement and Technology Extension Project.' The region's soil, weather, and climate have proven to be conducive to capsicum cultivation, motivating efforts to expand cultivation by encouraging farmers to establish more demonstration plots.

A young entrepreneur, 23-year-old Raihan Ahmad from Khalilpur village, shared his success story after planting capsicum seeds on a modest five-acre plot in September. Within just 10 days, seedlings emerged, and by the end of November, he harvested 30 kg of capsicum from the first plant, fetching a lucrative price of Tk 150 per kg initially, now soaring to Tk 200 per kg. Raihan's entrepreneurial venture has already yielded Tk 20,000 in sales, and he anticipates a steady income of two lakh rupees for the upcoming year.

Detailing his cost-effective approach, Raihan disclosed that his total investment in establishing the capsicum garden, including bamboo, net, polythene, and labor costs, amounted to only 5 thousand taka. Furthermore, he received free seeds and fertilizers from the agriculture office and continues to benefit from regular guidance provided by the office.

Raihan's capsicum garden boasts 550 trees of the 'Sweet Beauty' variety on his five-hundred-year-old land, each plant yielding 7 to 10 green capsicums. Employing innovative construction techniques, Raihan erected a shed using bamboo, polythene, and net to shield the capsicum plants. To protect against insects and spiders, he utilized yellow traps and harmless sprays, complemented by the use of biofertilizers.

The success of capsicum cultivation is triggering a wave of motivation among farmers in Sreemangal, prompting the establishment of more demonstration plots. The local agriculture department is actively supporting farmers by providing seeds, fertilizers, and valuable advice, solidifying the transformation of capsicum cultivation into a thriving agricultural venture in the region.

The triumphant saga of capsicum cultivation in Sreemangal marks a turning point for the agricultural landscape. Raihan Ahmad's success story, emblematic of the thriving capsicum venture, exemplifies the transformative impact on local farmers. As the Agriculture Department spearheads efforts to disseminate this success, the region anticipates a broader agricultural renaissance.

The cost-effective model employed by Raihan, coupled with unwavering support from the agriculture office, showcases the potential for sustainable and lucrative farming practices. With the establishment of more demonstration plots and heightened farmer interest, Sreemangal is poised for a bountiful future, where capsicum cultivation serves as a beacon of agricultural prosperity and economic well-being.

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