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29 May 2024

Onion cultivation flourishes in Faridpur as price surges 

Nazim Bakaul, Faridpur 

Published: 03:55, 1 January 2024

Update: 04:04, 1 January 2024

Onion cultivation flourishes in Faridpur as price surges 

Farmers are busy planting Hali variety onions in a field in Saltha Upazila of Faridpur, anticipating high profits. Photo: Messenger 

Planting the coveted Hali variety onion is currently underway on a massive scale across 11,000 hectares of land in Saltha, Faridpur district, with farmers anticipating high profits as prices surge in the kitchen market. 

This region is famously recognised as the onion capital, and the ongoing cultivation effort marks a significant economic venture for local farmers.

Seedlings, carefully nurtured from quality seeds, are being meticulously planted throughout the expansive fields. Farmers are actively investing in and cultivating onions at premium prices, given the current surge in kitchen market prices. The onion planting endeavor is poised to conclude in the coming days, shaping up to be a notable chapter in the agricultural landscape of the region.

Farmers in Saltha are witnessing substantial profits, experiencing returns that range from 8 to 10 times their investment as the onions mature. This lucrative outcome has spurred many farmers to promptly kickstart the onion planting process again immediately after selling their previous harvest. The cyclic nature of planting and harvesting speaks to the resilience and economic viability of onion cultivation in the region.

Sources from Faridpur's Saltha Upazila Agricultural Extension Directorate reveal that the targeted onion cultivation area for the season in the upazila stands at an impressive 10,888 hectares. Optimistic projections suggest that the actual onion cultivation may surpass this set target, underscoring the resilience and success of the local farming community. Noteworthy onion varieties such as Lal Tir King, Taherpuri, Faridpuri, and Bari-1 are being meticulously cultivated, showcasing the diverse agricultural practices in this upazila.

On the ground, a diligent scene unfolds as farmers persistently engage in planting onion seedlings despite the challenging winter conditions. Conversations with local onion farmers underscore the pivotal role of favorable prices in driving increased interest and participation in onion cultivation this year. Daily, onion seedlings find their way into the fertile soils of every village field in the upazila, with workers earning between 700 to 800 taka per person this season. However, the simultaneous initiation of work has led to a surge in labor demand, resulting in slightly elevated wages.

Anticipated within the next 2 to 3 days, the completion of onion planting in this area is expected to mark a triumph for the local farming community. Surprisingly, amidst the fervor of planting, farmers express dissatisfaction with the apparent lack of support from the agriculture office, pointing to a potential area for improvement in future agricultural initiatives.

Sudarshan Shikder, the Agricultural Officer of Saltha Upazila in Faridpur, sheds light on government initiatives aimed at bolstering onion production. As part of the agricultural incentive program, 500 farmers in the upazila have received free seeds and fertilizers to ensure the realization of the onion production target. In addition to material support, field-level officials from the Department of Agriculture Extension are actively providing essential guidance and advice to the farmers, emphasizing a holistic approach to maximize agricultural productivity.

The flourishing onion cultivation in Faridpur's Saltha district serves as a beacon of success for the local agricultural community. The commitment of farmers, coupled with strategic government initiatives, reflects a promising future for onion production in the region, fostering economic growth and sustainability amidst the surging prices in the kitchen market.