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29 May 2024

Use of substandard Materials used in road work raises eyebrow

Md. Ripon Islam, Nilphamari

Published: 05:37, 13 January 2024

Use of substandard Materials used in road work raises eyebrow

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A road construction project in Syedpur Upazila, Nilphamari, has been marred by controversy as villagers protest the use of substandard materials in the road construction. The 375-meter road construction, undertaken by M/s Khushi Enterprises under the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) at a cost of Tk 31 lakh, has faced severe backlash from locals due to the poor quality of work.

Villagers have vehemently opposed the use of substandard materials, leading to a halt in construction. They are demanding the use of high-quality materials as specified in the project schedule. Officials have been notified about the irregularities and corruption, but no action has been taken, further fueling public outrage.

The road, which was supposed to be an improvement, has been found to have subpar materials, leading to the removal of the road carpeting within a day of its application. Furthermore, the contractor's work has been likened to a haphazard application, akin to repairing a damaged wall.

Despite complaints and demands for quality work, the authorities have allegedly turned a blind eye to the situation, prompting locals to take matters into their own hands. The community has blocked a road roller belonging to the contractor, urging for proper and transparent work practices.

The situation escalated when journalists visited the site and uncovered the alleged corruption taking place with the knowledge of LGED engineers. Locals have expressed disappointment and frustration, highlighting their concerns about the reputation of the government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina being tarnished due to this ongoing issue.

In response to the allegations, Engineer Kabir of Sayedpur Upazila Directorate of Engineering expressed frustration at the scrutiny, while Upazila Engineer MM Ali Reza defended the work, attributing the issues to potential cleanliness and application problems. The authorities have assured that they will investigate and address any problems found, emphasizing that action will be taken if any errors are discovered in the contractor's work.