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29 May 2024

Budget-friendly lift tech made by local prodigy

Shaheen Rahman, Pabna

Published: 04:35, 23 January 2024

Budget-friendly lift tech made by local prodigy

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Amjad Hossain, a 63-year-old resident of Ishwardi in Pabna, has ingeniously designed and constructed a cost-effective elevator for his three-story building. A skilled electrical technician, Amjad utilized his expertise to address the challenge of accessing upper floors in his business establishment.

Amjad Hossain's unique lift has caught the attention of passersby on the Iswardi-Pabna highway, with many expressing surprise at the innovative creation. Reflecting on his professional background, Amjad shared that he has been involved in manufacturing various electrical products for almost four decades, ranging from IPS and charger lights to electric motors and voltage stabilizers.

The inspiration for the elevator arose three years ago when Amjad built a three-story commercial building in Ishwardi. Recognizing the difficulty customers faced in accessing the upper floors and transporting goods, he embarked on a three-month journey to design a practical solution. The result is a functional elevator equipped with a control box, a 1-ton capacity gear box, a 1 kW IPS, a one-horsepower motor, and a steel frame with an acrylic glass cabin.

Amjad's lift is currently undergoing experimental use, enabling travel between the second and third floors. He envisions extending its capabilities to reach a potential fourth floor in the future. The elevator accommodates up to three people at a time or transports goods weighing one ton. Notably, it can operate on IPS during power outages.

Remarkably, Amjad managed to keep costs significantly low, spending only Tk 2 lakh compared to the typical expense of Tk 15 lakh for a four-story building elevator. All the electrical components used in the lift are crafted by Amjad himself, adding to the affordability of the project.

Expressing his intentions, Amjad plans to inform relevant government departments, including the Ministry of Information and Technology, about his creation. He seeks advice from electrical engineers and envisions the possibility of commercial production for use in three and four-story buildings, ensuring safety and affordability.

Onlookers, like Ahmed Ali, express their amazement at the roadside elevator, while Ishaq Ali Malitha, Mayor of Ishwardi Municipality, commends Amjad's innovative achievement. He emphasises the importance of sharing such innovations with government authorities for potential support.

Acknowledging safety concerns, Assistant Director of Pabna Fire Service and Civil Defense, Sharful Hasan Bhuia, suggests a thorough examination by experienced individuals or organizations to assess the lift's safety and usability. If deemed acceptable, this homegrown invention could offer significant benefits to the country.