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19 April 2024

Joint secretary of the Rangpur Motor Owners Association shot, detained 3

Rangpur Correspondent

Published: 07:05, 19 February 2024

Joint secretary of the Rangpur Motor Owners Association shot, detained 3

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Aftabuzzaman Ripon, Joint Secretary of the Rangpur District Motor Owners Association, was attacked and shot at. The police believe that the incident may have happened due to an internal dispute over the subscription money of the motor garage. The police have detained 3 suspects in this incident and are interrogating them.

Aftabuzzaman Ripon, who was the victim of the incident, said that after 10:30 pm on Sunday (February 18), after he left the office for home, a gang of two boys on a motorbike crossed his car. The boy behind the motorcycle fired two rounds of bullets from the left side. One hit his car glass and the other hit his front glass.  He is suffering from insecurity.

Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime) of Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RMP), Abu Maruf Hossain, citing the preliminary investigation, said that around 11 pm on Sunday, Aftabuzzaman left the city Guptapara Motor Owners Association and went home via his car. On the way, Mulatol Madrasa met with an accident in front of his head. Earlier, he was being followed by a motorcycle. While overtaking, the rider sitting behind the motorcycle fired two rounds in succession. The first hit the left side body of the car and the second hit the windshield. But no one was injured. We immediately received the news heard his complaint and visited the spot and collected the necessary evidence. We have started an investigation on this at night.

Early in the morning, we detained three suspects and started interrogation. Our campaign is underway. As the entire city is covered by CCTV. Therefore, we hope that we will be able to bring the main criminals under the law in a very short time. He also informed that the case is under process in this incident. Regarding the cause of the incident, the police officer also said that we suspect that there is some internal conflict between them. Especially in the garage. There are some legal and illegal issues about workers; welfare or owners association; money, and there is animosity between them and enmity between them. That is why this incident may have happened or for any other reason, we have initiated an investigation into the incident.