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29 May 2024

Silent Hands Support Incorporated Transforms Living Conditions for Ohedan Khatoon

Pabitra Talukder, Chatmohor

Published: 16:53, 4 March 2024

Update: 19:25, 4 March 2024

Silent Hands Support Incorporated Transforms Living Conditions for Ohedan Khatoon

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Mallikbain, Chatmohor Upazila, Pabna The resilient tale of Ohedan Khatoon, grappling with a scarcity of basic amenities, has captured the hearts of Chatmohor's rural village. In her weather-beaten abode with tin walls vulnerable to rainfall, she faced life without essential furniture – no chairs, no tables, and no beds. Widowed for many years, Ohedan sustained herself by selling locally sourced vegetables, navigating financial hardships. The absence of fundamental furnishings left her nights uncomfortable, often seeking refuge in others' homes during storms. Despite living in an era of technological advancement, Ohedan's lifestyle mirrored an olden era. While her struggles prompted community discussions, pledges of aid went unfulfilled.

Turning to Silent Hands Support on the 2nd of March 2024, Ohedan Khatoon sought assistance for constructing a proper home, toilet, and acquiring tubewell. In a heartening turn of events, collective efforts, buoyed by Silent Hands Support, have changed her modest dwelling into a sanctuary. This poignant transformation stands as a testament to the potent impact of communal support in overcoming adversity. 

During this handover, Pabitra Kumar Talukder, the regional representative for Silent Hands Support, was present. The founder of Silent Hands Support, Tahamina Ahammed Tania(Tajj Momo) expressing her commitment, stated, "Witnessing the positive change in Ohedan Khatoon's living conditions reinforces our belief in the transformative power of collective support. Silent Hands Support remains dedicated to uplifting lives and fostering resilient communities through our sustained efforts."