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25 April 2024

Bad condition of the school, teachers and students in extreme suffering

Nilphamari Correspondent

Published: 18:53, 4 March 2024

Bad condition of the school, teachers and students in extreme suffering

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Swashakandar Byangmari High School of Sayedpur Upazila of Nilphamari has suffered due to the widespread shortage of classrooms. Even in the 2nd period of establishment, it was not possible to arrange the necessary rooms as there was no government allocation. More than one and a half hundred students are studying in only 5 small rooms of the only semi-ripe Tinset Dochala building.

To deal with the situation, they built bamboo fences and 2 tin rice houses and conducted some teaching for a few years, but now they are dilapidated and unfit for habitation. Since this situation has been prevailing for a long time, the young students are suffering a lot. Inexplicable irony has been created in teaching. Institutional authorities are very worried about the fear of more disaster next summer and monsoon.

It is known that in 2002, the area's energy enthusiast established Bangmari Lower Secondary School by donating 78th century land. which today has been upgraded to high school. The educational program is going on with 7 teachers and 6 employees. Last year 2022, the institution and the teaching staff joined the MPO.

But till now no government allocation has been found for infrastructure development. Due to which the number of students increased but the facilities did not increase. Instead, we have to face various problems day by day. In particular, there is a big crisis in classrooms. The students have to sit in piles in a small space. This has caused serious problems.

If you go to the surface, it can be seen that there is only one semi-paved tinned building in the institution. There are 5 small rooms where students from sixth to tenth class are taking classes. There is no space for 4-6 benches per class. As boys and girls are seated separately, 4-5 people are forced to sit on each bench. Students have to spend school time in a very crowded condition.

And other teachers and staff including the headmaster have made an office room in a small house made of bamboo fence and tin. The fence is broken and completely dilapidated. The rice tin also leaked in places. The whole house is shaking. It is about to collapse at any moment. If there is strong wind, there is a danger of an accident.

Head teacher Rezaul Karim said that there is no secondary or lower secondary educational institution in two or four nearby villages. Therefore, my father built this school for the benefit of the area. The journey started with a tinned house of only 3 rooms. Later the then Chairman of Botlagari Union late Helal Chowdhury made two more rooms with this room.

Although not a problem in the beginning, since the promotion to high school, the demand for seats has increased due to the increase in students. Therefore, it has become impossible to conduct classes on this small scale with 168 students. The crisis in the classroom is now evident.

During religion classes, Hindu religious students have to be taken outside the classroom under an unfenced shed in a corner of the field. The same problem occurs during science class.

Moreover, all the teachers and staff have to sit in the office of this dilapidated building. Keeping official emergency documents and other educational materials and support equipment has become complicated. On the one hand there is lack of security and on the other hand there is a risk of loss due to natural calamities at any time.

If the office is in the main building, the class room will be reduced. This is why the office has been kept here with the risk. Meanwhile, this time many students who want to take admission in the sixth grade have to be returned. Next year, more momentum should be gained in this regard.

No solution has been found for a long time even though senior officials including local public representatives have been protesting about this problem. Even though I got the WAS block through the former upazila chairman Mokhchedul Momin, I did not get any help from the former member of parliament. As a result, the classroom crisis has not ended. Even though it has been suffering for so long, now the situation has become very miserable.

Even if the winter passes like this, the situation will become more dire in the next summer and monsoon. Balconies are tiled with tinned classrooms. When it rains, water falls inside the classroom. There is a problem with the class. And in summer no more than 3 people can sit on one bench. As a result, the crisis will become more serious. Therefore, if new classrooms are not arranged immediately, we will be in a dire situation.

That is why an academic building has become very necessary to keep teaching normal. We expect immediate cooperation from all concerned authorities including upazila and district education officers and upazila executive officers to solve this problem. So that repairs can be done through some donations for the time being. Then it can continue for some days.

For example, in addition to initiatives regarding bench shortages and labs, as a permanent solution to the shortage of classes, if measures are taken to construct a building with the help of the Facilities Department, the educational environment and facilities of the institution will be properly addressed. Along with that, he also appealed to resolve the teacher crisis.