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20 July 2024

Government Primary Schools in Raipur

 Tk 22 lakh attendance devices remain inoperative

MR Sumon, Raipur

Published: 08:01, 5 March 2024

 Tk 22 lakh attendance devices remain inoperative

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Most of the biometric attendance devices installed in government primary schools across Raipur Upazila in Laksmipur district are non-functional, with some machines lying idle despite being in working condition.

These devices, procured at a cost of Tk 2.2 million, are not being utilized effectively.
The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education had introduced biometric attendance in 2019 to ensure full teacher attendance in educational institutions. Subsequently, 121 educational institutions in Raipur Upazila were equipped with biometric attendance devices at an estimated cost of 22 lakh 1 thousand 445 taka.
Stakeholders emphasize that the proper use of digital devices is pivotal for Bangladesh's advancement in education. However, due to inadequate equipment quality and supervision, the initiative has faltered within a year. Consequently, demands have been raised to repair and reactivate the machines.
Several headmasters shared that the installation of the machines aimed to ensure the punctuality of teachers and their attendance even on holidays. However, nearly 95 percent of the devices in the upazila have malfunctioned within a year, rendering them ineffective.
Students have raised concerns that certain teachers are resistant to the operation of the digital attendance machines, as they engage in non-educational activities under the guise of official duties. Moreover, the devices have remained non-functional for an extended period due to negligence and inadequate oversight.
Hasina Begum, head teacher of Char Inndraeria Government Primary School, said that the biometric attendance machines, procured and verified, could not be activated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their service has lapsed, and she deferred to higher authorities for further information.
Raipur Upazila Education Officer Mainul Islam noted that discussions have taken place with senior authorities to reactivate the digital devices. He highlighted the potential to restart full teacher attendance through new software updates and server connections, emphasizing the positive impact on enhancing primary education quality.