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29 May 2024

Onion seed farming surges as prices skyrocket in Faridpur

Nazim Bakaul, Faridpur

Published: 15:02, 13 March 2024

Onion seed farming surges as prices skyrocket in Faridpur

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Commercial farming of onion seeds is gradually increasing in Bhanga of Faridpur as demand for this spice is rising day by day.  This year, an unprecedented surge in onion seed cultivation has gripped the region, fueled by soaring prices and a growing sense of self-sufficiency among farmers.

The seeds are known to farmers as black gold. Agriculture officials said Faridpur is becoming a major source of onion seeds in the country.

The landscape of Bhanga now wears a cloak of white, adorned with the delicate blooms of onion flowers. The air resonates with the symphony of buzzing bees and chirping birds, painting a picturesque scene of agricultural abundance. From afar, the fields resemble a celestial tapestry, strewn with a thousand stars, each representing a promise of prosperity for the diligent hands that sow these seeds.

According to reports from the Upazila Agriculture Extension Directorate, a staggering 4,45 hectares of land have been dedicated to onion seed cultivation this year alone. Bhanga, renowned as a bastion of onion seed production, had set a target of 430 hectares, a mark comfortably surpassed by the fervor of local farmers. Favorable weather conditions, coupled with expert guidance from agricultural authorities and the adoption of superior seed varieties, have laid the groundwork for a potentially bumper yield.

The meteoric rise in onion prices this year has acted as a catalyst, igniting a fervent interest among farmers to delve into onion cultivation. The allure of substantial profits has turned onion seeds into prized possessions, coveted by both seasoned agriculturalists and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. The economic landscape of the region is undergoing a tectonic shift, propelled by the promise of prosperity inherent in the cultivation of this revered crop.

Farmers speak of the economic calculus behind onion seed cultivation, citing an investment ranging from Tk 30,000 to Tk 40,000 per bigha of land. Yet, the returns are tantalizing, with yields averaging 3 to 4 maunds of seeds per bigha, fetching prices as high as Tk 2 lakh per bushel. Such figures paint a vivid picture of the economic windfall awaiting those who dare to sow the seeds of change.

Shahjahan, a seasoned onion seed grower from Sautikanda village, shares his aspirations of self-sufficiency, fueled by the success of previous harvests. With 10 bighas of land dedicated to onion seed cultivation this year, he envisions a future adorned with the fruits of his labor. Similarly, voices echo across the fields as farmers like Shanto Sheikh and Shah Alam recount their tales of increased cultivation, buoyed by the promise of a bountiful harvest.

Jeebangsu Das, the Agriculture Officer of Faridpur Bhanga Upazila, aptly describes onion seeds as black gold, symbolizing the transformative power of agriculture in the region. With production targets surpassed and farmers reaping the rewards of their toil, optimism permeates the agricultural landscape. Expert guidance, coupled with favorable weather conditions, sets the stage for a harvest of unprecedented proportions, paving the way for self-sufficiency and economic resilience among farmers.

The cultivation of onion seeds not only signifies a shift in agricultural practices but also heralds a dawn of economic empowerment for the resilient souls tilling the fertile soils of Faridpur. In the humble onion seed lies the promise of a brighter future, where prosperity blooms alongside the delicate petals of white flowers, casting a radiant glow upon the verdant fields of Bhanga.