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29 May 2024

The income of women workers in maize cultivation is equal

Ripon Islam Sheikh, Nilphamari.

Published: 22:42, 15 March 2024

Update: 19:51, 27 March 2024

The income of women workers in maize cultivation is equal

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20,000 farmers in Char area of the district are happy as they got better yield and higher prices than previous years in Nilphamari. This year, the price of early maize is from Tk 1,300 to Tk 1,500 per maund (40 kg). As the price of maize in the international market has gone up, farmers are making windfalls by selling the produced maize.

This year, in 6 upazilas of the district, 26 thousand 555 hectares of land has been set as a target, but with an increase, 28 thousand 323 hectares of land have been cultivated. Sources in the Nilphamari Agricultural Extension Department told The Daily Messenger that 1,768 hectares more than the target area has been cultivated.

However, Abdul Jalil, a farmer of Charkharibari village in Tepakhribari union, told that he got a little less yield of early maize this year. But he will be happy and windfall as the price of corn is good.

He said that 35-45 thousand taka per acre of irrigation-fertilizers and pesticides are spent, but 110-140 maunds of maize are available per acre. Last year's lowest market price was up to 1 thousand 200 taka. Compared to that, 1 lakh 32 thousand to 1 lakh 68 thousand taka are sold. If irrigation-fertilizer and pesticide expenses are excluded, the profit can be as much as 95 thousand to 1 lakh 15 thousand taka per acre. Which is double than other cash crops.

Bahadur Ali of the same village told that about 48 thousand taka were spent on a little more than one acre of land and the yield was 109 maunds. I pulled it from the field and sold it at 1 thousand 500 taka, and got 1 lakh 25 thousand 350 taka.

Apart from the cost of fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation, it cost 12-15 thousand taka per acre for sowing corn with laborers.

Ziarul Islam of South Kharibari village of the same union told that this year there were no river floods and natural disasters, heavy rains or heavy rains, all together the weather was good. Yields have been better in some places and less in others. But much better than last year. Prices have been good so far. It is said that the price is twice as much as the cost.

Maize workers Majida Begum, Amena Begum, Rupali Akhtar and Tabia Begum told Daily Messenger, "We are earning the same way as men are earning money by working in the maize field. We are earning up to 500-700 taka per day. Bhutta came and opened everyone's destiny. There is no more suffering from the past, everyone is active.

Local market trader Abul Kashem told that there is no government-run warehouse in our region. While some individual warehouses have sprung up, they are owned by other large companies including Narish, Kazi Firms and Paragon. Farmers in the fields would get more if there were warehouses managed by the government at the local level to store maize.

He said the coming of big companies has also benefited a lot. Earlier, corn had to be bought and sent to different cities, but now money is available in advance. Their people often buy maize directly from the farmer level as well. Farmers are getting fair prices.

Another businessman named Abdul Barek told that the price of maize has gone down in the international market. Day by day the demand of feed companies has also increased. After a few months the price may increase further. But we cannot store corn. Direct feed from farmers to the company.

Tepakharibari union chairman Rabiul Islam Shaheen told, "Maize cultivation has been going on in the region for about 20 years. Prosperity returned to the family through the cultivation of corn. Our economic condition is much better than before. Initially, the yield was low, but now farmers are getting expected yield by cultivating hybrid varieties of maize.

Deputy Director of Nilphamari Agricultural Extension Department. SM Abu Bakar Saiful Islam told, "The reason for more maize cultivation and good yield in this district is that most of the land in the district is sandy-loam." So farmers are getting expected yield. The Department of Agriculture provides assistance to farmers in maize cultivation and seed selection. About 20 thousand farmers of the district are benefiting from maize. Farming land is increasing day by day.

Nilphamari District Commissioner Pankaj Ghosh told that the economic condition of the district has improved due to maize cultivation. Farmer families are regaining their solvency day by day. Farmers are profiting by cultivating maize instead of leaving land fallow.