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29 May 2024

Litchi growers eye bumper yield as gardens now burst with buds

Shaheen Rahman, Pabna

Published: 10:26, 16 March 2024

Litchi growers eye bumper yield as gardens now burst with buds

A grower is seen nursing his litchi plants in his garden in Pabna. Photo: Messenger 

Litchi farmers in Pabna are currently bustling with activity as their orchards burst with the promise of a fruitful season. The sight of abundant buds adorning Litchi trees has brought a sense of joy and anticipation to these hardworking individuals. 

The district, often referred to as the "Litchi capital" of the country, is gearing up for a potentially bountiful harvest, thanks to the healthy bloom observed in most of its Litchi orchards.

Recently, numerous Litchi gardens across Pabna Sadar and Ishwardi upazilas were visited, revealing a heartening scene of flourishing orchards. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, attracting a flurry of bees engaged in the vital task of pollination. This harmonious coexistence between nature and agriculture paints a picturesque tableau, symbolizing hope and prosperity for the farmers.

Among the visited locales was Aotapara village in Ishwardi Upazila, where the vibrant landscape of Litchi gardens captured the essence of abundance. Farmers, such as Jasim Uddin, are engrossed in the meticulous care of their orchards, nurturing the precious buds with water, fertilizer, and pesticide spray. The sheer number of buds instills confidence in these farmers, promising a better yield and improved prices compared to the previous year.

Jasim Uddin, reflecting on his experience, shares his optimism, "Last year, I garnered significant returns from my modestly sized orchard. With the current abundance of buds, I anticipate an even more fruitful harvest this time." Similarly, Faiz Pramanik echoes this sentiment, noting the noticeable increase in buds this year and expressing hope for a better outcome, especially after weather-related setbacks in the previous season.

The sentiments of these farmers are echoed by Shahid Ali of Sahapur village, who emphasizes the critical role of favorable weather conditions in determining the Litchi yield. Despite facing challenges such as drought in the past, Shahid remains optimistic about the prospects of a bumper crop, attributing it to the collective efforts of farmers and the support of agricultural authorities.

Indeed, the District Agricultural Extension Directorate of Pabna shares in this optimism, forecasting a robust Litchi harvest in alignment with the aspirations of local farmers. Roknuzzaman, the Additional Deputy Director, highlights the concerted efforts undertaken to ensure the success of Litchi cultivation, underscoring the pivotal role played by field-level agricultural officials in providing guidance and support to farmers.

According to statistics provided by the district agriculture department, Pabna has dedicated over 4,721 hectares of land to Litchi cultivation this year, with a production target exceeding 39,278 metric tons. The projected value of Litchi sales stands at an impressive 600 crore rupees, affirming the economic significance of this fruit in the region's agricultural landscape.

As the season progresses, the fate of Pabna's Litchi harvest remains intertwined with the whims of nature. However, buoyed by the abundance of buds and the unwavering dedication of farmers, there is an air of optimism pervading the Litchi orchards of Pabna. With diligent care and favorable conditions, this year's harvest promises to be a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the local farming community, reaffirming Pabna's status as a beacon of Litchi cultivation in Bangladesh.