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25 May 2024

Traders, growers swarm Halda River for fish fries

Sumon Pallob, Hathazari

Published: 11:41, 15 May 2024

Traders, growers swarm Halda River for fish fries

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Traders and fish growers from across the country are converging on the Halda region to purchase fish fry, following the successful hatching of carp mother fish eggs in the Bangabandhu Fisheries Heritage Halda River, one of South Asia's premier fish breeding grounds.

On Tuesday, a significant number of specimen eggs were hatched, with the samples being stored in hatcheries and ground pits. The desired fry, known as molecules, have been extracted and hatched from the eggs, with sales commencing after their release. Despite the price being set at over one and a half lakh taka to cover expenses, egg collectors are still struggling to meet the costs of boat rental, equipment purchase, salaries, and other ancillary expenses.

The mother fish have not yet fully released their eggs, so collectors are waiting for the next batch of eggs to be laid. In the meantime, the sale of molecules has begun at the Madunaghat and Shah Madari hatcheries from Saturday, and at the Machuaghona hatchery on Sunday.

On the ground, it is evident that fishmongers and fish farmers are eagerly buying fish fry from various parts of the country, paying one and a half lakh taka for Halda Renu. Despite the high price, they are happy to secure Haldar Renu, known for its rapid growth and distinct taste.

Pona trader from Feni Sadar area, who has been purchasing Haldar Renu since 1975, following in his father's footsteps, mentioned that the fish's rapid weight gain and unique taste make it highly sought after across the country.

Local Pona trader Md Sohail shared that he coordinated with about four groups to purchase one and a half kg of fry at that price. He plans to raise the fry in his ponds and sell them once they mature.

Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer Md Farooq Maeduzzaman stated that although sales started on Saturday, they are now in full swing, with the exact quantity of molecules and sales figures expected to be known within a day or two. He expressed hope that the fry will be sold quickly due to the lower quantity of Renu available.

The Halda River continues to be a vital source for the fish farming industry in Bangladesh, attracting traders and growers with its high-quality fish fry.