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25 May 2024

Naogaon sets ambitious Tk 2500 crore target for mango sales

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Published: 15:00, 15 May 2024

Naogaon sets ambitious Tk 2500 crore target for mango sales

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The local administration in Naogaon district has announced an ambitious goal to achieve Tk 2500 crore in mango sales, as the region prepares for the upcoming harvesting season.

The diverse range of mango varieties grown here, including the early Guti mango set to be harvested from May 22, positions Naogaon as a significant player in the agricultural sector.

Officials from the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) have provided a detailed schedule for the harvest: Gopalbhog mangoes from May 30, Khirsapati or Himsagar from June 2, Nag Fazli from June 5, Langra and Haribhanga from June 10, Amrapali from June 20, Fazli from June 25, and later varieties like Aswina, Bari Mango-4, Gourmoti, and Katimon from July 10.

This year's cultivation covers 33,300 hectares, aiming for a production of 431,500 tonnes of mango. The district is known for its rich diversity in mango varieties, with farmers cultivating 16 different types. Local mango growers are optimistic about the market prospects despite the challenges posed by weather conditions, including a costly drought.

Sohel Rana, who owns Agro Park in Sapahar upazila, has invested in 75 bighas of land dedicated to mango cultivation. He emphasizes the adherence to advanced agricultural practices to ensure quality produce.

Another local farmer, Nur from Islampur village, shared that while initial costs range from Tk 30,000 to 35,000 per bigha, drought conditions have pushed costs up by an additional Tk 4,000 to 5,000 this season. Despite lower yields, high market prices could still ensure profitability for growers.

Abul Kalam Azad, Deputy Director of DAE in the district, highlighted the export potential, noting that approximately 220 metric tonnes of mango were exported last year. This year, the district has set a target to export 500 tonnes. Azad remains hopeful about reaching the sales target of Tk 2500 crore, provided the weather conditions are favorable, which will play a crucial role in achieving these ambitious goals.

As the harvesting season approaches, the market is poised to be flooded with a variety of mangoes from Naogaon, promising both local consumption and significant export opportunities.