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15 June 2024

Bumper Boro yield brings joy amid labour concerns

Alamgir Hosen, Bogura

Published: 08:58, 23 May 2024

Bumper Boro yield brings joy amid labour concerns

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In Bogura, farmers are busily working the fields, hoping to bring home a bountiful harvest of golden rice. The bumper crop production not only brings joy to farmers, but also a sense of apprehension about potential natural disasters and labor shortages. 

This season, Eri-Boro rice has been planted on 187,110 hectares across 12 of the district's 13 municipalities. The absence of disease and favorable weather have contributed to an optimistic outlook. Upazila Agriculture Officers have provided guidance and seasonal pesticides to ensure healthy growth and protect the crops from intense heat.

The favorable weather has led to a bumper crop, with a target of 789,432 metric tons of rice production set for the district. Known for its surplus production of food products, Bogura's fields are adorned with the golden hue of ripe rice, creating a sense of pride among local farmers. However, concerns about hot sun, stormy rains, and labor shortages temper their enthusiasm.

Saju Miah, a farmer from the Bogura Sadar Upazila, expressed satisfaction with his three bighas of land, anticipating a good yield despite rising temperatures and high labor costs. Rezadul Haque from Gabtali Upazila shared a similar sentiment, noting the excellent growth of his rice on five bighas of land but worrying about potential Baisakhi storms.

Farmers like Ekramul Haque from Nandigram Upazila have faced increased costs for agricultural materials, spending up to 30,000 taka. Despite good yields, the high expenses and labor shortages present challenges. Azizar Rahman from Bogura Sadar highlighted the higher labor wages, requiring over 4,000 taka per bigha to harvest the rice, and expressed concerns about fair market prices.

In Dupchanchia Upazila, Anshar Ali Molla acknowledged the good yield but lamented the increased production costs without a corresponding rise in paddy prices. Delewar Hosne from Shibganj Upazila conveyed a sense of accomplishment, seeing the golden rice in the fields as a reward for three months of hard work and expense.

Md. Matalbur Rahman, Deputy Director of the Bogura Agricultural Extension Department, confirmed that the district's boro paddy yield has exceeded expectations due to favorable weather, modern technology, and the selection of resilient rice varieties. With 187,150 hectares cultivated and over a dozen rice varieties grown, the farmers are now focused on bringing the golden harvest home.

Bogura District Commissioner Md. Saiful Islam highlighted the district's agricultural significance, producing not only paddy but also a variety of crops in abundance. The availability of fertilizers and irrigation has led to the bumper yield, and the district administration is actively monitoring to ensure fair prices for the farmers.

As Bogura's farmers navigate the final stages of this productive season, their golden dream of a bountiful harvest is within reach, despite the challenges posed by nature and market dynamics. They hope for continued favorable weather and fair market conditions to fully realize the fruits of their labor. The district's agricultural success not only boosts local morale but also contributes significantly to the national food supply, showcasing Bogura's vital role in the country's farming landscape.