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15 June 2024

Commuters suffer as garbage woes plague key road in Ctg 

SM Akash, Chattogram 

Published: 09:01, 23 May 2024

Commuters suffer as garbage woes plague key road in Ctg 

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Traffic congestion on one of Chattogram city's busiest roads, spanning from Sholoshahar  to Muradpur, has reached critical levels due to the mounting piles of garbage. Commuters are suffering due to these ongoing issues, with the Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) struggling to manage the situation effectively.

Chattogram City Corporation has acknowledged the issue, pointing out the presence of dustbins in Sholoshahar  Gate 2 and Muradpur. However, despite these provisions, garbage continues to be carelessly discarded onto the streets, exacerbating the problems faced by residents and passersby.

Just east of Sholoshahar  Gate No. 2 towards Muradpur, an open bhagar (dumping site) becomes visible, with almost half of the main road covered in garbage. Dirt and foul-smelling water cling to the wheels of vehicles, spreading the filth over a wider area.

Anamika, an employee at a private company, shared her distress, stating, "More than half of the road is littered. Many people get sick due to the strong stench. Dirt causes traffic jams. Truck garbage is removed from here every day, and there are several vans for garbage collection."

Local residents and traders report that garbage collected from different areas of Sholoshahar  is dumped here. Frustrated by the garbage-laden roads, they have demanded immediate action from the City Corporation to clear the waste. Traders along the roadside complain that CCC's garbage trucks contribute to the traffic congestion, and the strong smell from the open dirt makes it unbearable to stay in their shops.

Dr. Shahriar Ahmad Milon, a prominent humanitarian doctor in Chattogram, expressed grave concerns over the environmental impact. "This garbage mismanagement is creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and damaging the environment. Both the city corporation and city dwellers need to be aware and take immediate action," he advised.

The situation calls for urgent intervention from the Chattogram City Corporation to alleviate the suffering of commuters and residents. Improved waste management practices and public awareness are essential to restoring normalcy to one of the city's key thoroughfares.

Additionally, local community leaders suggest implementing stricter enforcement of waste disposal regulations and increasing the number of garbage bins to prevent littering. Public awareness campaigns about the importance of proper waste disposal and the health risks associated with garbage mismanagement could also play a vital role in addressing the issue. Without significant improvements, the health and wellbeing of Chattogram's residents will continue to be at risk, and the city's infrastructure will remain strained.