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14 July 2024

Parasailing in on hold in Cox’s Bazar until safety ensured

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Published: 11:42, 10 June 2024

Parasailing in on hold in Cox’s Bazar until safety ensured

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Thousands of tourists rush to Cox's Bazar every day. They visit Marine Drive, Inani, Himchari, Patuartek, and Darianagar. To add to the adventure, many fly in the sky amid the mountains and the sea by parasailing.However, many risk their lives while doing this, as many parasail operators are unskilled and do not obey the instructions and conditions from the administration.

Recently, some tourists have been victims of parasailing accidents. As a result, reports on security risks have been published in several media. Due to this, the administration has announced the temporary suspension of parasailing operations from today (10 June) until further instructions, said Executive Magistrate (Tourism Cell) of Cox's Bazar District Administration Md Masud Rana.

He added that it may be resumed upon evaluating the equipment used for parasailing and overall safety measures. He also said a technical team, including experienced Air Force commando officers, Navy skilled trainers, and lifeguard trainers, will conduct the overall evaluation process. Md Masud Rana also said that training will begin in the next few days with Air Force Commando Officers, Navy Skilled Trainers, and Life Guard Trainers.

Only those who pass the training will be allowed to conduct parasailing. "At the same time, evaluation will be done every month because we want every tourist who comes to Cox's Bazar to travel safely," he added.