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Water levels of Surma, Kushiyara above danger level

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Published: 14:17, 15 June 2024

Water levels of Surma, Kushiyara above danger level

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Due to continuous rainfall and upstream floods, water levels of rivers in Sylhet have started to rise again.

The Surma River at Kanaighat surpassed the danger level at 9:00 am on Saturday (15 June), while the Kushiyara at Fenchuganj has been flowing above the danger level since Friday.

Water levels in all Sylhet rivers are increasing, causing fear of another flood among residents in low-lying areas.

The Met Office in Sylhet recorded 202 mm of rainfall from 6:00 am on Friday to 6:00 am on Saturday, and 45 mm from 6:00 am to 9:00 am on Saturday. Additionally, upstream in India’s Cherrapunji, 513 mm of rainfall was recorded in the last 24 hours, contributing to Sylhet's rising river levels.

According to the Water Development Board, at 6:00 am on Saturday, the water level of the Surma River at Kanaighat was 12.56 cm. By 9:00 am, it had risen to 13.05 cm. The danger level for the Surma at this point is 12.75 cm.

Since Friday, the Kushiyara River at Fenchuganj has also been above the danger level. At 6:00 am on Saturday, it was 49 cm above the danger level, increasing to 50 cm by 9:00 am. The danger level for the Kushiyara at this point is 9.45 cm.

Water levels are also rising at other points along the Surma and Kushiyara rivers, as well as in the Sari, Lova, Dawki, and Dhalai rivers.

At 9:00 am on Saturday, the water level of the Surma River at the Sylhet point was 9.95 cm. The water levels of the Kushiyara River were 13.86 cm at Amalsheed, 10.95 cm at Sheola, and 8.33 cm at Sherpur. Additionally, the Lova River was at 13.75 cm, the Sari River at 12.16 cm, the Dawki River at 10.63 cm, and the Sari-Goyain River at 9.92 cm.

Deepak Ranjan Das, Executive Engineer of the Water Development Board, said that due to continued rainfall, river levels are rising again. The Surma and Kushiyara Rivers are flowing above the danger level at two points, with water levels at other points also rising.

Shah Md. Sajib Hossain, Assistant Meteorologist at the Sylhet Weather Office, confirmed the rainfall data and noted that more rainfall is expected in Sylhet.