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25 July 2024

Eid-ul-Azha celebrated in 30 Shariatpur villages

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Published: 19:45, 16 June 2024

Eid-ul-Azha celebrated in 30 Shariatpur villages

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Following Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, the followers of Sureshwar Pir in 30 villages across six upazilas of Shariatpur celebrated Eid al-Azha.

On Sunday (16 June) between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM, the followers of Sureshwar Darbar Sharif performed Eid prayers at various Eidgahs and mosques.

Syed Kamal Noori, the current mutawalli (caretaker) of Sureshwar Pir in the Naria upazila of Shariatpur, confirmed this information.

It is known that for at least a 100 years, the devotees and followers of a Sufi saint named Jan Sharif Shah Sureshwari have been celebrating Eid al-Adha based on moon sightings, in line with the Middle East. In the district, around 20,000 people in at least 30 villages, including Sureshwar, Kedarpur, Chakdh, and South Daraghar, follow Jan Sharif Shah Sureshwari. In the morning, thousands of worshippers performed Eid prayers at the grounds of Sureshwar Darbar Sharif.

At this time, the Eid congregation was led by Syed Belal Noori, the brother of the current Pir of Darbar Sharif, Syed Kamal Noori, and the prayers were conducted by Pir Syed Kamal Noori.

After the prayers, the followers of Shah Sureshwari celebrated the formalities of Eid al-Adha by eating sweet dishes such as khichuri and semai.

The current mutawalli (caretaker) of Sureshwar Pir, Syed Kamal Noori, said, "As the moon was sighted on Sunday in 69 countries including Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Muslims in those countries are celebrating Eid al-Adha today. Hence, in line with them, the followers of Shah Sureshwari in Shariatpur are celebrating Eid. Since 1928, we have been celebrating Eid in line with Saudi Arabia. Continuing this tradition, at least 10,000 devotees in 30 villages of Shariatpur district are celebrating Eid with us."