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21 July 2024

Ishwardi’s Sinha Poultry Farm under AC Land’s strict warning

Ishwardi (Pabna) Correspondent

Published: 12:57, 9 July 2024

Update: 14:15, 9 July 2024

Ishwardi’s Sinha Poultry Farm under AC Land’s strict warning

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Assistant Commissioner Lands (AC Land) announces a strict stand against a poultry farm, Sinha Poultry Farm, which has been there in a densely populated residential area for 27 years, disregarding the rules and regulations.

On Monday (8 July) afternoon in Pabna Ishwardi, following the complaints of the local victims of Hajipara area of ​​Joynagar, Upazila Assistant Commissioner Bhumi Shahadat Hossain Khan issued a strict warning against the poultry farm. He told journalists, he came here and observed the situation, there is no chance of causing inconvenience to the people by setting up this type of poultry farm in the residential area. Poultry owner Arj Ali has been warned to put up a high wall around the area as soon as possible to stop the stench or to relocate the farm. If it is not done, strict legal action will be taken against the owner of this poultry farm in case of further complaint.

It is known that Arj Ali Sardar, a resident of Hajipara, Jayanagar of the upazila, has built this poultry farm in a residential area without considering any rules and regulations and without environmental clearance, hence the locals are unable to live in the nearby homesteads due to the strong stench of waste. Moreover, a mosque is only 10 to 15 meters away from the farm, the health of the worshipers who come to pray, at risk because of the strong stench. Additionally, unsanitary environment making people leave  their rented houses and move elsewhere.

The Department of Environment has already inspected the Pabna farm. When contacted, Upazila Animal Resources Officer Dr. Md. Nazmul Hossain said that after receiving a written complaint against the farm on behalf of the local residents, his officials along with him investigated the allegation. ‘He has no legal right to manage the farm, we will ask him to shift the farm, if he does not forcefully, legal action will be recommended against him,’ he said.

Jewel Rana, a local victim, said, "Boys and girls are getting sick by the stench of this farm. They are living in the breeding ground of mosquitoes. We have written a complaint to all the concerned offices of the upazila district and department. I don't know why no effective action is being taken so far. The convenor of the former union volunteer party, Arj Ali, who has done terrible violence to people in general during the last Jamaat BNP government from 2001 to 2006, still has that arrogance, saying that he managed everything and no one could do anything to him.

However, when Arj Ali Sardar, the owner of the alleged poultry farm was contacted, he verbally abused the journalists and threatened to investigate properly.

Locals demand that this unsanitary and smelly poultry farm should be shifted from the populated area as soon as possible.