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21 July 2024

Mangoes in Thakurgaon to sweeten European palates


Published: 08:29, 11 July 2024

Mangoes in Thakurgaon to sweeten European palates

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Thakurgaon, a northern district of Bangladesh, is making headlines as its mangoes are set to be exported to Europe for the second time. This export not only promises significant profits for local orchard owners and traders but also holds the potential to enhance the district's and the nation's economy. The success of this venture could open doors for more quality mango exports in the future.

Thakurgaon is known for producing various crops such as rice, wheat, maize, and a variety of vegetables and fruits. These products are crucial in meeting both local and national demands. This year, mango varieties such as Amrapali, Banana Mango, and BARI Mango-4, among others, are being exported to Europe, which is expected to generate substantial foreign currency.

The journey to exporting mangoes from Thakurgaon began with meticulous planning and execution. Authorities and orchard owners worked closely to ensure the mangoes met the high standards required for export. The focus was on quality production, fair pricing, and effective coordination with exporters.

The Agricultural Extension Department played a significant role in facilitating this process. Their Exportable Mango Production Project was instrumental in ensuring that the mangoes were of the highest quality. Project Director Arifur Rahman mentioned, "We plan to export twice as many mangoes this year compared to last year. This year's project begins with Thakurgaon's mangoes reaching the European market. We expect all stakeholders, including orchard owners, to benefit."

The local orchard owners are thrilled about the opportunity to export their produce to Europe. Md. Akram Mia, an orchard owner, expressed his pride, saying, "I am very proud to send my mangoes abroad. The mangoes from this district are very delicious. Exporting mangoes will increase mango cultivation in the district."

This sentiment is echoed by other orchard owners who see this as a chance to showcase their produce on an international platform. The success of these exports will likely encourage more farmers to engage in mango cultivation, further boosting the local economy.

Kawsar Ahmed Rubel, CEO of Global Trade Link, the company responsible for exporting the mangoes, is optimistic about the venture. He stated, "We believe that the mangoes from Thakurgaon are suitable for export, which is why we are importing them for the second time. We hope the growers will supply us with quality mangoes, increasing their demand and expanding the market abroad."

The company has been instrumental in ensuring that the mangoes meet the stringent quality standards required for the European market. Their efforts have been crucial in facilitating the export process and ensuring the success of this venture.

The local government and agricultural authorities have been supportive of this initiative. Sirajul Islam, Deputy Director of the Thakurgaon Agricultural Extension Department, said, "Mangoes will be officially sent to Europe within the next seven days. The number of mango orchards in the district is gradually increasing. Exporting mangoes will provide higher prices for farmers and employment opportunities for local workers, boosting the district's economy."

The government’s support has been vital in ensuring the success of this initiative. Their involvement has provided the necessary resources and infrastructure to facilitate the export process.

The successful export of Thakurgaon's mangoes to Europe marks a significant milestone for the district. It highlights the potential for local produce to reach international markets and showcases the quality of Bangladeshi agricultural products. This venture not only benefits the local economy but also sets a precedent for future exports.

As the first shipment of mangoes makes its way to Europe, there is a sense of optimism and pride among the people of Thakurgaon. This initiative is expected to pave the way for more such exports, bringing prosperity to the district and contributing to the nation's economy.