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23 May 2024

‘If investigation reveals evidence of wrongdoing, I will resign’

Imran Ali

Published: 07:57, 23 April 2024

‘If investigation reveals evidence of wrongdoing, I will resign’

Photo : Messenger

It's astonishing to hear reports of 500 multiple passports being issued. Such a process typically requires a multitude of documents including passport files, bank deposit receipts, and various other paperwork. However, there seems to be no evidence of this occurring within the past three months, even within the legal framework. Moreover, there's been no attempt to keep such actions secret. These remarks were made in response to a recent news article concerning the Additional Director General of the Passport Directorate, Selina Banu.

She emphasised the importance of honesty and cautioned against the spread of false information, stating that such news can be more damaging than outright lies. Regarding the allegations raised in the news article, she stressed that the truth about her financial status and integrity in her professional life will only be revealed through a thorough investigation.

Furthermore, during a conversation with the Daily Messenger on Sunday, the ADG addressed the issue. The discussion reportedly touched upon the news article that had been published against her. 

Selina Banu asserts that throughout her 30 years of dedicated service, she has never compromised on integrity or justice. She maintains that her professional journey has been marked by honesty and integrity. However, the recent report has not only tarnished her professional reputation but has also caused significant social distress. She refutes the claim of amassing millions of taka unfairly, emphasising that such allegations are entirely baseless and imaginary.

Ms. Banu further highlights that her financial transparency is evident, with clear records of her own and her family's bank accounts readily available. She questions the credibility of the report, which alleges she possesses 70 million taka, as no evidence or documents were presented to substantiate such claims.

"I have urged for a thorough investigation into this matter, and I firmly believe that the truth will come to light through proper scrutiny. It deeply troubles me to face such baseless accusations, especially considering my modest lifestyle. I do not own a house or a car, and my children commute to school and college by rickshaw.”

“The allegations of amassing illegal wealth amounting to crores of taka against me seem to be part of a larger conspiracy. Therefore, I welcome the involvement of various government agencies in investigating this matter to uncover the truth.”

If an individual seeks to alter the information on their passport and apply for a new one, such requests are also subject to investigation. However, if the applicant provides a valid explanation for the requested changes and it is deemed appropriate, they may be issued a new passport. Conversely, attempts to obtain a second passport covertly, while already possessing one, will likely result in complications during the application process. In such cases, privacy considerations take a backseat to ensuring the integrity of the passport issuance process.

In instances where the Director General (DG) of the passport authority intervenes after all the standard procedures have been followed to obtain a passport through legal means, any subsequent actions are conducted in accordance with established regulations and protocols.

In response to the complaints lodged by officers and employees of the passport department, the official emphasised that the identity of the complainant remains unknown. She raised the possibility that disgruntled individuals may fabricate accusations if they fail to illicitly benefit from her. She stressed the importance of verifying such allegations, as it is not feasible to satisfy every individual's expectations, particularly in a department where she has served for three decades.

Furthermore, she questioned the validity of accusations stemming from personal grievances, such as someone being denied a desired transfer. She asserted that blaming her for such matters lacks merit and urged for a fair and impartial investigation into the allegations.

In response to inquiries regarding family matters, he stated, "I am a servant of the Republic. My actions are bound by official directives, and personal affairs of others are not within my jurisdiction. As a public servant, my conduct is governed by official duties. I believe the issues have been adequately covered in the news, and it is appropriate for government agencies to conduct an investigation. If I am found guilty of the alleged bribery involving 7 crore taka, I will resign from my position and accept any ensuing consequences."