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25 May 2024

Fake note syndicate now active on Facebook

Sanjay Adhikari Rony, Dhaka

Published: 07:36, 15 May 2024

Fake note syndicate now active on Facebook

Photo: Messenger

Several syndicates are advertising the sale of fake notes on Facebook under the nose of the administration. Before Eid-ul-Adha, those gangs are also giving various offers for selling fake notes. Also, some groups have made announcements to teach fake note making techniques. However, the administration said that multiple teams are working to catch counterfeit money dealers.

The members of the law enforcement agencies said that the members of this gang have become reckless recently. They are using various platforms, including social media, to sell fake notes. These gangs are making fake money and making people destitute by mixing fake notes with real money with certain members.

According to a related source, more than half a hundred groups are involved in the production and marketing of counterfeit money across the country, including the capital. Before every festival, counterfeiting gangs become active. The gang members involved in the production and marketing of counterfeit money are divided into three groups. One group makes fake notes according to order, another group delivers bundles of money, and another group spreads these notes in the market.

According to the investigation, many groups are being opened on Facebook and fake money is being traded. There they are announcing the supply of fake money at low prices. It also said that it will be delivered to the buyers safely. Many have posted fake note making videos on their Facebook groups to gain credibility.

A person named Md Abdul Khalek Rahman wrote in a group named 'Jal Taka Bikri Bangladesh dot com', "50/100/200/500/1000 Note. I am giving high quality A grade dual print notes all over Bangladesh. Willing to take home delivery. Come to the inbox."

Another post said, "There are grade A notes, those who want to take notes come to the inbox. You can come and collect them directly or you can get them for home delivery." From Jashore, a person named Sheikh Rabib wrote in a comment, "Can anyone pay cash on delivery without advance?”

In that group, Hasanuzzaman Asad wrote, "Assalamu alaikum dear Facebook users. This is the first time I am offering A grade notes, dual print notes in the market. Home delivery is available all over Bangladesh. We have 50/100/200/500/1000 watermarked notes to pick up. If you want, come to the inbox."

Some have announced selling fake money as well as teaching fake note making techniques in multiple groups. This group says, "Those who want to learn how to invest and make fake notes, come to the inbox."

Another group named 'Jal note bikri kori' said, "We sell A grade fake notes without any advance. Check it out. Inbox if you like it." Another post said, "If someone takes the notes around Kishoreganj, please inbox us. We have 50,000 notes in Kishoreganj (Saudagar Express Courier Service). A customer was supposed to take the goods. But he is not taking the goods. If anyone needs near Kishoreganj, please inbox me."

Another post in the group said, "Bringing for you Grade A material made by A.J.S. paper with perfect flaring made by special thread. 20/50/100/200/500/1000 notes at lowest price. You can get at Tk 12,000 per lakh from us. Come to the inbox for details.” Videos of making money on printers are posted in this group.

Many netizens have expressed surprise after seeing the announcement of the sale of fake money on Facebook. They have also raised questions about the activities of law enforcement agencies. A person named Kazi Nazrul Islam said, "The amount of fake money in the country is a matter of concern. When the law reaches a certain level, the public sells fake money on Facebook."

When the matter was brought to the fore, Mashiur Rahman, deputy commissioner (promoted to the post of Additional DIG) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, told The Daily Messenger, "We are monitoring the matter through cyber patrolling. The syndicate is active around Eid-ul-Adha. We are working on the matter. There will be good results. Special measures are being taken to prevent the spread of counterfeit money in the cattle market.

In this regard, Rapid Action Battalion’s (RAB) spokesperson Commander Arafat Islam told The Daily Messenger, "RAB is always monitoring this matter. All our battalions are active to prevent the activities of this gang around Eid."

Meanwhile, businessmen claimed that more fake money is available than last few years. They said that fake notes are being caught every day this year. Sometimes in front of buyers and sometimes after going to the bank, it is known that these notes are fake.

Md Helal Uddin, president of Bangladesh Shop Owners Association, told The Daily Messenger that the gang circulates fake money in such a way that there is no way to understand it normally. “They deal in counterfeit money very delicately.”