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15 June 2024

Once Anar’s dead body is identified, much can be revealed

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Published: 21:09, 10 June 2024

Once Anar’s dead body is identified, much can be revealed

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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has stated that many details regarding the murder of Jhenaidah-4 MP Md Anwarul Azim Anar will be disclosed once his body is identified. Anar was reportedly killed in Kolkata, and some bones reported to be his were recently recovered from a canal in West Bengal’s 24 Pargana.

Speaking to journalists at the Secretariat on Monday (10 June), the minister said, "We are very close to uncovering the truth. Once the body is confirmed, we will be able to reveal many things."

The home minister explained that the murderers had dismembered Anar’s body and scattered the parts. "Initially, it was not known exactly where these parts were kept. Our intelligence agencies, along with Indian intelligence agencies, have been involved in the investigation. Without DNA tests, we cannot be sure if the recovered parts belong to our honourable Member of Parliament," he added.

Asaduzzaman also mentioned the arrest of an Awami League leader named Babu in Jhenaidah in connection with the case. He cautioned against drawing conclusions before the investigation is completed, indicating that more arrests could follow.

Discussing the international aspect of the case, he noted that the main accused is in the United States, and there is no prisoner exchange agreement between Bangladesh and the US However, India does have such an agreement with the US, and since the murder occurred in Kolkata, both India and Bangladesh are involved in the legal proceedings. "Two cases have been filed—one in Kolkata and another in Dhaka by Anar's daughter. Both countries are thus involved in these incidents," he explained.

The home minister assured that the portion of the case pertaining to Bangladesh would be adjudicated domestically, while the murder trial would proceed according to Indian law, where the crime took place. He emphasised the cooperative relationship between Bangladesh and India, highlighting India's ongoing support in the investigation.