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25 April 2024

Statement of PSTU Teachers’ Association to solve the ongoing crisis

PSTU Correspondent

Published: 11:11, 28 February 2024

Statement of PSTU Teachers’ Association to solve the ongoing crisis

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A statement was issued on behalf of the PSTU Teachers' Association to resolve the ongoing crisis in Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU).

The statement was delivered in the presence of journalists at the University's Agriculture Conference Room at 2 p.m. on Wednesday (28 February). The general secretary of PSTU Teachers' Association Prof. Dr.  Asaduzzaman Mia read the statement on behalf of the Teachers' Association.

At this time, Professor Jehad Parvez, the president of PSTU Teachers' Association, General Secretary Professor Dr.  Md. Asaduzzaman Mia, Prof. Jamal Hossain, Prof. Dr.  Md. Abu Yusuf, Professor Dr.  Md. Ariful Alam, Professor Dr.  Jewel Howlader, Professor Dr.  Gopal Saha and Professor Poly Roy Chowdhury were present.

The statement mentioned that an exchange meeting was held between the PSTU Teachers' Association and class representatives on 27 February.  The meeting called for the speedy resumption of classes and examinations and to establish good governance out of the ongoing culture of lawlessness in the university. Some criticized them for trying to divert the ongoing peaceful movement of the teachers' union.  It is also alleged that the administration has shown gross failure in running the university with indecisiveness, inaction and lack of control without taking any steps to resolve the ongoing academic deadlock in the university.

When asked about the commencement of class examinations, Professor Jehad Parvez, president of PSTU Teachers' Association, said, "We want to return to class examinations from next Sunday (March 3), for which the university administration must ensure justice and take swift action."