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14 April 2024

IU students protest the felling of trees to construct Mancha (stage)

IU Correspondent

Published: 17:42, 4 March 2024

Update: 17:43, 4 March 2024

IU students protest the felling of trees to construct Mancha (stage)

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The students from different social, voluntary and environmental organizations of Islamic University separately protested the falling of trees at the campus in the name of building "Boishakhi Mancha". IU authorities have decided to construct the stage between two academic buildings of the university, for which three trees have been cut there.

IU Students' Union unit, Deep Ecology and Snake Conservation Foundation, and general students respectively formed the sit-in program there in protest of the absurd tree cutting. They allegedly protested that the authority had chosen the wrong place for building ‘Boishakhi Mancha" between two academic buildings. It is an unplanned work by the authorities.

Besides, "Avayaranya", a social organization of IU, arranged a mass signature program, through slogans and illustrations, to oppose the cutting down of trees. Green Voice of the IU unit submitted the protest letter to the chief engineer AKM Sharif Uddin, estate director Shamsul Islam Joha and treasurer Professor Dr. Alamgir Hossain Bhuiyan to oppose the cutting of trees. 

Regarding this, general students also voiced dissatisfaction as the functions at this mancha may cause hindrance in general academic activities.

Earlier, the university authority ordered the cutting down of the trees at the premises between two academic buildings to build up a ‘Boishakhi Mancha’. Then, the students and environmental organizations raised their voices against it on social media and other platforms.


IU chief engineer AKM Sharif Uddin said, ‘According to the instruction of the authority, the work was given to the constructor to build up the stage. I am not able to say anything about whether the construction will stop or not until the authority gives any further instructions.’