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Body of Kaptai road crash victim received by family

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Published: 19:58, 23 April 2024

Body of Kaptai road crash victim received by family

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“Shanto told me after he completes study, he will go abroad and then I can start my treatment. Now what will happen, where did my son go? Bring back my child please.”

These are the words of the bereaved mother of Shanto Saha, who died on Monday (22 April) in a road crash.

Shanto was a promising third-year student of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology’s (CUET) Civil Engineering department.

“My kid is no more, I do not want to live anymore,” Sheuli whispered brokenly through tears.

After Shanto’s dead body reached his house in Narshingdi’s Sheba Sangha area, this morning (23 April), his mother Sheuli was crying out those words.

“My son told me ‘I will pass engineering and go abroad, I will take you abroad for treatment. Who will tell me this now?”

Shanto's father, Kajal Saha, a cloth trader in Shekherchar Bazar, struggles to find words amidst his grief. “Shanto was our hope. A road accident destroyed everything. Our son said, ‘When I finish studying, you will not have to suffer any more.’ But today, everything is over.”

Shanto went to the university campus on Sunday after spending the holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr and Pahela Baishakh. Shanto's classmates informed his elder brother Kaushik Saha, a bank official, the news around 4:30pm on Monday.

Shanto was the youngest of three brothers. His elder brother Prartha Saha is a student of a university in India. Prartha is coming to the country from India. Shanto's body will be buried on the bank of the Meghna River in the city as soon as his brother arrives home.

Shanto, and another student of CUET were killed after a speeding bus knocked down their motorcycle on Kaptai road in Chattogram on Monday.

The crash occurred around 3:30pm in the area adjacent to Selina Quader Chowdhury College on Chattogram Kaptai Road on Monday (April 22).

After the autopsy, the university authorities brought Shanto's body to Narshingdi in a freezing car at around 6:30 am. Two assistant provosts and seven classmates of Shanto brought the body.