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GPA-5 without taking an SSC exam under Ctg Board

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Published: 13:18, 12 June 2024

GPA-5 without taking an SSC exam under Ctg Board

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Two students from a school in Chattogram district who initially received GPA-5 without taking an SSC exam have now been failed by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chattogram. The two students from Chambal High School in Banshkhali upazila not only managed to pass but also achieved GPA-5 in the SSC exams despite not attending one of their written tests. This anomaly was later corrected, and their results were changed to reflect their actual performance.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination results were altered after re-evaluation of their answer scripts. The updated results were published on the Chattogram Education Board's website. Earlier, on June 8, media reports highlighted the incident, causing an uproar across the country. The news revealed that the two students had passed despite being absent for one of their exams, leaving education board officials baffled. The board initiated an investigation which led to the re-evaluation and subsequent failure of the students.

It was discovered that the two students missed the 50-mark Information and Communication Technology (ICT) exam, which included a 25-mark objective and a 25-mark practical test, held on February 28. The students did not attend the objective part of the test, mistakenly believing there was no exam that day. When they rushed to the center, they found the objective exam had already concluded.

Despite their absence, the SSC results published on May 12 showed that the students, Sadia Sultana and Urmi Akhtar, received a GPA of 3.5 in ICT. This sparked curiosity and concern in the upazila about how they passed without sitting for the test. Education board officials noted that the examination center (Banshkhali-1) had erroneously reported that both students had passed the practical test and submitted high marks for the theoretical (objective) exam as well.

Ratan Chakraborty, the center secretary of Banshkhali Adarsha High School, informed the education board that the two students were absent on the day of the ICT exam. "They did not even come to the center that day. We reported their absence to the board immediately. I do not understand how they received a GPA of 3.5 without taking the exam," he said.

On Tuesday (11 June), the Chattogram Education Board's website reflected the corrected results, showing that the two students had failed. When contacted, Chattogram Education Board's Exam Controller, Professor AMM Mujibur Rahman, explained, "This happened due to an error by those involved in preparing the exam results. Mistakes can occur, but this one will be reviewed by our discipline committee."

Chattogram Education Board Chairman, Professor Rezaul Karim, said, "There are minor mistakes in result preparation, but this error is severe and unacceptable. The board will take action against those responsible under the Board Ordinance, 1961. Criminal proceedings may also be pursued if necessary."