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21 July 2024

BRAC University holds "Campus Safeguarding" awareness sessions

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Published: 17:13, 10 July 2024

BRAC University holds

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BRAC University Proctor's Office, in collaboration with the Savar Residential Semester authority, has recently conducted three sessions on "Campus Safeguarding" to raise awareness among students and staff, with over 1400 students, faculty, and staff members in attendance.

The Office of the Proctor has been implementing robust and comprehensive safeguarding policies and processes as part of its broader Campus Safeguarding Awareness Campaign to ensure a safe environment for all members of the BRAC University community.

The awareness sessions were conducted by Advocate Farhan Haq, Deputy Proctor and Safeguarding Lead at BRAC University, along with the team from the Office of the Proctor, including University Proctor Dr. Rubana Ahmed and her team. They collaborated with Mir Sadik Faisal, Campus Superintendent of the Savar Residential Semester.

Throughout the sessions, the organizers attempted to strengthen commitments to raising awareness and promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the BRAC University community. The sessions focused on introducing the concept of safeguarding and campus safeguarding, as well as discussing various academic and non-academic infractions, their consequences, the responsible use of social media, and information regarding the channels for raising any concern.

The discussions covered BRAC University's disciplinary policies, procedures, and support protocols, emphasizing that personal and institutional safeguarding is a shared responsibility.

BRAC University’s Office of the Proctor has developed and is currently implementing an internal "Campus Safeguarding Framework'' with comprehensive safeguarding protocols in place. The goal is to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere for both students and staff.